Strange beliefs about the effects of birth control pills

You may think that birth control pills make you beautiful and beautiful, that is, your skin is smooth and its spots are removed, but it depends on the person and it is not the case for everyone. Some women have skin problems caused by discomfort. It has hormonal problems and they constantly have pimples on their faces. Maybe these women will solve their acne problems by using these pills or reduce them to a significant extent.

It may be thought that the female hormone in these pills helps and strengthens the health and beauty of the skin, but the role of birth control pills in the health of the skin is completely a double-edged sword and its effect depends on the nature of each person.

The skin of some women who suffer from hormonal problems and have acne because of it, may be improved by taking birth control pills that contain hormones, and their facial acne will disappear or decrease. However, birth control pills do not have such positive effects for all women, and even if they do not have any hormonal problems and have healthy and clear skin, they may suffer from acne and pimples as a result of taking such pills.

In addition, if a woman is prone to pregnancy spots, she may get these spots in different parts of her skin by taking these pills. The reason is the presence of large amounts of estrogen in the body. You can reduce the possibility of these spots by protecting your skin from the sun.

However, if such spots are found on your face, contact your doctor. Your doctor may recommend that you use progesterone pills or another method of birth control instead of estrogen pills. Usually, the continued use of estrogen through these pills will cause these spots to become darker or the skin lesions to expand.

Don’t forget that during pregnancy, some parts of women’s facial skin darken, such as the forehead, cheekbones, upper lip, and chin, but if you get these spots as a result of taking birth control pills, it is better to use sunscreen creams to reduce the darkness and extent of these spots. be prevented

Another strange belief of women is that birth control pills make hair thick! Some women grind birth control pills into powder and make a solution from it and put it on their scalp to help their receding hair grow back, but this is a misconception and it will not cause hair to grow back. It is better for women to ask their doctor about the exact effects of birth control pills and their properties and avoid using these pills for no reason.

It is true that birth control pills contain hormonal compounds, but the skin absorption of these hormones through the scalp is so small that it does not count.


21 September 1392 10:49

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