Strengthen sexual power with these exercises

Can we lose weight with the help of sports and how will this be possible? What types of sports can help increase libido and prevent sexual disorders in different people.

Brisk walking can help treat erectile dysfunction by improving blood circulation.

AndAnger and emotion control
Dr. Omid Salehian; A sports physiologist wrote in Duniya Salamat Monthly: Psychologists and physiological scientists believe that negative mental emotions are the main cause of diseases. When inflammation and excitement is found in a person, vitamin deficiency, stomach ulcer, insanity, nerve diseases, mental diseases, heart and blood vessels, etc. originate from it. Life magazine writes: 99% of marital disputes are the result of immediate emotions. And according to statistics, 60% of nervous attacks are due to sudden anger and excitement.

Dr. Alexis Karl says: “The imbalance of the visceral nervous system causes stomach and intestinal diseases.” Dr. Edward Budelsky has proven that diabetes results directly from nervous excitement, which upsets the body’s chemical balance. By strengthening the body’s organs and systems, and most importantly the immune system, exercise combats such emotions and moderates them if there are any. Also, by strengthening the nervous system and relieving nervous spasms, it deals with neurological and physiological diseases.

Coping with stress

Sports activity that men can do to have better sex

Aside from sex drugs, regular exercise can be the best treatment for improving your sex life, says Dr. Pete McCall, a physiologist and personal trainer at the American Association for Exercise and Fitness (ACE). Sexuality, male or female flexibility.

McCall5 recommends the following exercise:

Doing strength training

Strength and Weight Training Strength training could be just what the doctors ordered for your sex life. “The reason: lifting weights produces testosterone, which is the primary prerequisite for male sexual arousal,” says McCall.

Doing strength training 10 times until the limit of fatigue increases the strength and sexual power by increasing testosterone levels. Exercises such as sit-ups and Swedish swimming will help you to experience better sex by strengthening the muscles and strengthening the shoulders, chest and abdominal muscles. Since upper body muscles are used during sexual intercourse, strengthening this part of the body can increase a person’s resistance and endurance.

Kegel exercises

Doing Kegel exercises is a suitable sexual activity for men as well. Because these activities can help with endurance and control (by strengthening the PC or pubic muscles that allow you to stop the flow of urine). This type of exercise, which is named in honor of Dr. Arnold Degel, strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor and ultimately creates a better intercourse experience. “Men can delay ejaculation for 10 seconds by using Kegel exercises by contracting these muscles before satisfaction,” says McCall. This movement performs the action of contraction and then rest and repeat this activity as much as you can.


Yoga allows you to be in new creative states and get the most out of your sexual intercourse and experience better sex. “Yoga helps your flexibility, which can lead to better sex,” says McCall. Some experts say that yoga practice improves your stamina during intercourse by increasing your energy levels.

fast walking

Studies on a group of men with sexual disorders showed that aerobic activities decrease the risk of erectile dysfunction by 30%. Specifically, according to another study, aerobic activity that burns at least 200 calories per day (equivalent to a brisk 2-mile walk) can significantly reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction.

Brisk walking can help treat erectile dysfunction by improving blood circulation. Brisk walking, jogging, and other aerobic activities can help your sex life in the same way they prevent heart attacks. These types of activities keep your blood vessels clean.” The result: a longer and stronger erection. Vigorous activities, such as brisk walking and running, release endorphins and increase your relaxation. This can improve your sexual performance.


Since sexual activity can be a resistance act, swimming a long distance can greatly increase your overall stamina. “Swimming for at least 30 minutes 3 times a week will increase your stamina,” says McCall. Swimming is a great activity for losing weight, which will ultimately lead to more pleasurable sex.

Losing excess body fat will build abs and you, as potential couples, should try some (or all) of the above activities to improve your sex technique, stamina, and flexibility. Your spouse will be affected by the power of the sexes. At the same time, it makes it look more attractive.

The result: better sex. As a side effect, you’ll get healthier and fitter. Performing aerobic yoga, walking, swimming, and especially Kegel exercises increase sexual desire in women and prevent sexual disorders in them.

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