Strengthen thin hair with conditioner

We always use conditioner after shampooing, now let’s see what happens if we do it the other way around, that is, apply conditioner before shampooing.

Some hair care companies say that using conditioner before shampooing can make your hair shinier and softer! Regardless of what products you use, most of us have been taught to wash our hair the same way: shampoo (rinse, lather, rinse, repeat) and then apply conditioner. Unless you’re one of those people who don’t use shampoo and just wash their hair with conditioner, in which case you probably look a little weird.

But hair care brands are starting to develop product lines that ask us to do the exact opposite: use conditioner before shampooing, and they say it’s a very simple trick to achieving great hair. .

Using conditioner before shampooing is a great way to strengthen fine hair without weighing it down and looking sparse, says Kérastase artistic director Nina Dimacheki. It also extends the life of the blow dryer, and prepping the hair before washing allows the shampoo to spread more easily and evenly through the hair.

Fine hair types are not the only ones that benefit from this method. Dimacheki says hair that is highlighted and tangles easily after shampooing or tends to get greasy is also a very good candidate for using this method.

Some hair care lines are formulated exactly for this purpose. These types of shampoos and conditioners use proteins with keratin and Haft Jan plant extract (which sounds silly, but actually the extract of a plant is rich in protein) to strengthen the hair.

When used in the right order, these two can help soften and hydrate even the most damaged hair. But you don’t have to completely rethink your routine to try this trick at home. Just take your usual shampoo and conditioner (or hair mask), and reverse the order of application.

Dimacheki adds that if your hair is coarse and thick, you may benefit more from a conditioner, shampoo, conditioner method.


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