Strengthen Your Bones With This Coconut Almond Milk Recipe

Kick your standard almond milk up a notch with coconut! This raw coconut almond milk recipe is tastes insanely delicious, and is incredibly simple to make.

Aside from most dairy products which contain growth hormones, antibiotics, and pus (white blood cells), this 100% raw, vegan coconut almond milk provides your body with beneficial bone-strengthening calcium, brain-protective omega fatty acids, a healthy dose of vitamin E for vibrant skin and helps improve the health of our cardiovascular system!

Coconut Almond Milk Recipe


– 2 cups raw, organic almonds
– 1 1/2 cups unsulfured, organic coconut flakes
– 7 cups filtered water (or more if you want it a bit less creamy)
– optional: 1 tsp. vanilla bean, 5 pitted dates (for some sweetness), 2 tbsp. raw carob powder (for a chocolate effect!)


1. Soak almonds overnight. Strain almonds the next morning and discard the water. Rinse the almonds very well.
2. Put nuts, coconut, 7 cups water, and any optional additions to a high-speed blender like the Vitamix. Let sit for an hour or two to soften the coconut.
3. Blend on high until smooth and creamy.
4. Strain nut milk through a nut milk bag and into a glass jar.
5. Drink within 1 week!

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