Strengthening male sexual power with coffee consumption

Consuming coffee has useful and significant effects in strengthening men’s sexual powers and also helps to reduce their impotence.

Coffee, one of the most popular drinks that opens many eyes to life every morning. But this fragrant drink is not only a wave of freshness and concentration of our attention, but it has interesting and surprising effects on our body.

Daily coffee consumption for men preserves their sexual power. According to the latest research, men who consume more caffeine daily are less prone to erectile dysfunction than others. Of course, men with diabetes are excluded from this case, extra caffeine does not play a role in reducing their impotence. In fact, diabetes is one of the strongest factors aggravating erectile dysfunction, and there are fewer factors that can counteract its effects.

Although it is not possible to establish a cause and effect relationship between coffee consumption and physical conditions, consuming three to five cups of coffee during the day can reduce the risk of developing heart diseases and sexual impotence. Based on this, men who consume 85 to 170 mg of caffeine per day have 42% less erectile dysfunction compared to those who consume 0 to 7 mg of caffeine, this amount for those who consume about 171 to 303 mg is equivalent to 39%. Therefore, men are advised to increase their caffeine consumption instead of resorting to strange methods to preserve sexual power.


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June 3, 2014 11:20

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