Sugar is more harmful than salt for heart patients

Hi doctor – Evidence the new publish been in the magazine Online Heart it shows that sugar Loaf and sugar Added the door Processed foods On Cardiovascular diseases And high blood pressure It is more harmful than salt

high blood pressure Factor the main to arise Heart disease is, that The main cause death Premature babies Around the World is too. Yet, Eating salty foods in creating high blood pressure they knew, But research it shows that Decrease Salt consumption It has little effect on blood pressure control , And consume less than 3 grams Salt Daily It may harm the body. instead, You should use foods that do not contain sugar esp fructose, To avoid Increase Cardiovascular diseases are mandatory.

Processed foods single Salt does not have But sugar Loaf and sugar And Refined carbohydrates also has. the door Research It is stated that sugar Loaf May More of salt To blood pressure If it is harmful, these people should take care of their nutrition.The researchers concluded that sugar Loafespecially fructose, May high blood pressure and other problems heart intensifycorn syrup High fructosehas a which usually the door Soft drinks carbonated and processed foods is used A diet with high fructose Increases blood fat, Insulin level fasting blood went up , And The risk of Metabolic syndrome Doubles

Evidence it shows that people who on diet sugar Loaf use At least Quarter Of total Calorie consumption They use it daily triple The risk of Heart disease, Compared with Those who Less than 10 percent consumes

researchers Emphasizes that sugar Loaf normal the door Whole foods As Fruits and vegetables reason for Worry is not, And Certainly for the health useful.

The World Health Organization recommends that sugar Loaf Should Less than 10 percentage of The total amount of calories consumed On the day be Maximum 50G Sugar On average for adults it is necessary

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December 26, 2013 09:56

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