Suitable cleansers for oily skin

If you use soap cleansers or strong alcohols to reduce the oiliness of your skin, put it aside immediately. These substances damage your skin over time رسانند. In addition, they may stimulate the sebaceous glands and produce more fat. For oily skin, it is better to use liquid or gel cleansers that are for oily skin. Avoid soaps containing fatty substances such as cocoa butter, cleansing creams or lanolin. The most effective fat control cream so far has been Clinac.OC. It is a molecule that absorbs fat from the skin and breaks it down into a harmless substance. The basis of this material is derived from the performance of a chemical that was originally used to absorb oil spilled from tankers on the surface of the oceans. Adding this substance to the cream absorbs the oil of the facial skin and reduces its electricity. This substance is effective for hours and can be used with makeup. This cream does not cause pimples and skin irritation.

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