Summer makeup tips

Correct use of makeup during the summer is a difficult and tiring task for women, but remembering some tips can help you.

Some suggestions from Rishab Khanna (the famous hairstylist of Bollywood actors):

After using the moisturizing cream, and before applying the powder cream, apply a primer (makeup base) on the face. This will make the foundation last longer on your face.

Use tinted moisturizers that contain SPF instead of foundation. By doing this, you will feel lighter on your face in the heat of the air and you will be protected from the sun.

Instead of applying a thick layer of lipstick, use lipsticks with happy and bright colors that have softening properties. Lipstick gives color to your face.

For the cheeks, try soft colors and avoid over blushing.

For eye makeup, use a stone eyeliner and a waterproof mascara so that they don’t come off even when you sweat. You can also use a powder shade before applying the eyeliner to make the eyeliner last longer.

For the neck and shoulders, use cream powders with a light color so that it looks a little different from the face. Do not forget to use sunscreen.


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