Sunscreen and its healing properties

What are the beneficial effects of sunscreen on the skin? What effects will these creams have on your skin? What are the unique benefits of this type of cream for the skin? We have brought you the healing properties of sunscreen in various fields.

Kiana Farhi, a dermatologist and hair specialist, said that the use of sunscreens is required for all ages with oily, dry, combination, normal and even blemished skin.

He considered the use of sunscreen necessary for some businesses and stressed: the use of sunscreen is necessary for farmers, drivers, mountaineers and workers due to direct exposure to ultraviolet rays and the risk of skin damage.

Farhi pointed to the skin’s immunity against common diseases and said: “Sunscreen makes the body immune to diseases such as cancer and moles, prevents the growth of brown spots, darkening and wrinkles.”

The dermatologist said: “Because the sunscreen does not lose its properties, apply it 15 minutes before exposure to sunlight and stay on the skin for a maximum of 4 hours.”

“Because body parts such as the lips, neck and back of the hands are exposed to direct sunlight, sunscreen should be used to protect them,” Farhi said.

The dermatologist concluded: “Unfortunately, some people use powder cream to prevent UV rays from penetrating the skin, but these substances do not have the properties of sunscreen and do not protect the skin in any way.”

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