Super Anti-Inflammatory Pain Reduction Juice

Heal your pain from the inside out with the power of pineapple in this super anti-inflammatory juice reduction recipe! Reducing inflammation is one of the key components of living a longer, happier, pain-free life.

Pineapple contains a powerful anti-inflammatory enzyme called bromelain, which is an extremely effective remedy for those suffering from chronic inflammation and associated issues like arthritis, gout, type II diabetes, cancer, psoriasis, heart disease, digestive disorders and autoimmune diseases.

A majority of inflammation in our body is caused by eating foods recognized by our body as foreign substances (foods that our bodies can’t do much with, but nonetheless, still tries to protect itself from). These foods include all junk foods, processed foods, high-heated vegetable oils, refined sugars & corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, refined grains, alcohol, soft drinks, food additives, nitrates (in deli meats, for example), preservatives, pesticides, GMO’s and factory-farm raised animals.

Here’s to good health!

Anti-Inflammatory Pain Reduction Juice Recipe


– 2 cups ripe pineapple
– 2 inches ginger root
– 2 granny smith apples
– 2 kiwis, peeled
– 2 inches turmeric root


Juice or blend the above ingredients in a high speed blender, and enjoy! This makes 1 serving, and should be made daily to help ease pain and inflammation.

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