Suppression of respiratory apnea

Are you tired of the snoring of your children and this sound has disturbed your sleep and you are looking for a solution for it? What advice do we need to take in this regard and what are the best natural treatments for this complication?

Lack of good and adequate sleep can have a negative impact on personal and social relationships, a person’s ability to concentrate, or even his or her overall health.

Snoring occurs when airflows have to pass through a narrow airway behind the mouth and nose. In this condition, the air passes through the duct with intensity and pressure, and as a result, the parts of the throat and tongue that encounter the “soft palate” vibrate, and this vibration is the same as snoring.
If snoring is accompanied by shortness of breath or a short pause in breathing, it could indicate a serious problem and the person may have severe sleep apnea. Sleep apnea affects heart health. If snoring has no serious medical cause, it can be treated with simple methods or reduced in severity.

Here are some effective treatments to eliminate the annoying snoring habit in people:
Sleeping on your side: A simple way to treat snoring is to sleep on your side. If a person is accustomed to sleeping on his back, he is more likely to snore. If you are accustomed to sleeping on your back, try to avoid this form of sleeping.

Reduction of the causes of this complication: nasal congestion intensifies snoring. The use of nasal spray can improve this condition to some extent and make the air flow through the air duct more easily. If you have allergies, keep your sleeping area clean regularly to reduce allergens.

3 – Avoiding alcohol: Alcohol consumption relaxes the muscles of the throat, which in this case increases the vibration of the muscles and even puts the person at risk of obstructive sleep apnea and increases the severity of snoring.

4- Doing useful exercises: There are exercises to strengthen the muscles of the throat and mouth. Exercises for the oropharyngeal region tighten the muscles in this area and minimize the vibrations associated with sound.

5 – Weight loss: All organs are connected to each other. If you have trouble snoring loudly, it means that other parts of the body also need attention. Although there is no confirmed link between obesity and snoring, many experts believe that weight loss can be effective in treating obstructive sleep apnea.

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