Swallow depression with vitamin D.

Depression It is a scourge of today’s society and doctors use every means to control it. One of the most important vitamins known to eliminate this disease these days Vitamin D Is. Vitamin D A large volume of which is absorbed by the body through sunlight, can have a dramatic effect in eliminating the disease. Depression Especially in women. In this article from Dr. Salam to review, this vitamin and its effect in eliminating the disease Depression می‌پردازیم.

What substances should we get vitamin D from?

– The most important factor that can be in Vitamin D deficiency To play an effective role is how people, especially women, eat. For example, one of the most important foods that is rarely seen on Iranian food tables is white meat. Fish Is. Of course, we Iranians because of the nutrition we have in addition to the shortage Vitamin D, We usually suffer from calcium deficiency and iron deficiency. Another resource that can be received and absorbed Vitamin D Help, use Cereals Is. Wheat and wheat bran They are among the substances that can help a lot in absorbing these substances. Another food that can have a big impact on absorption Vitamin D Have, dairy and of course egg Is. It is necessary to note that Vitamin D, Is a fat-soluble vitamin, and fat-soluble vitamins should not be consumed more than the body needs; Because taking more of these vitamins has consequences such as deposition in the kidneys and liver and intoxication of the body. According to experts, consuming enough of these foods can increase the incidence of the disease Depression Reduce.

Mental insufficiency minus vitamin D.

– Vitamin D, Is one of the vitamins that play an effective role in the growth and development of bones in the body, scalp and, of course, the brain. Mothers are strongly advised not to deprive their children of their natural milk in order to reduce their risk of developing diseases such as inflammation and other mental disorders.

Stable youth in vitamin D versus middle-aged depression

Usually between the ages of 30 and 50, the most important age of onset Depression Are, women usually at this age reach a crisis called middle age crisis. This crisis is usually a disease Depression Arises after menopause. Menopause, which some people refer to as a crisis; It can be consumed Vitamin D Be controlled. If Vitamin D It can be taken with a doctor’s prescription and in appropriate amounts Depression Reduce middle age and menopause in women. One of the things that usually causes women to be sensitive and can cause a lot of mental disorders in them is attention to appearance. Usually in middle-aged women and of course menopause, they change their appearance and it is good to know how much Vitamin D It can help prevent premature aging. Vitamin D Usually because it is fat soluble, it can reduce dry skin. Dry skin is one of the factors that cause wrinkles on the face. So it can be concluded that everything in youth is enough Vitamin D to be used; The amount of lines on the face will probably be less. Another factor that can increase the sensitivity of appearance is premature aging. Premature aging, usually between the ages of 25 and 30, manifests itself in women and, as mentioned, with consumption Vitamin D This disease can be prevented. Of course, the use of dietary supplements and pills Vitamin D They can also take the initiative to eliminate this damage and remove wrinkles early on the skin of the face.

Appropriate mood; Suitable skin

– As we mentioned throughout the text, Vitamin D It is one of the fat-soluble vitamins and its mechanism is on the liver. You may have heard that one of the causes of acne is poor liver metabolism. The hotter your liver and the more generally you are, the more acne you will develop. On the other hand, skin health is directly related to nerves, and the happier a person is, the better and healthier his skin will be. If you have noticed that as soon as you get nervous, your skin discomfort becomes more and more apparent, this is why Vitamin D The issue is relevant. Vitamin D Which manifests itself in the liver, can slightly elevate your mood, and this increase in mood both causes the skin to become oily and dry, and reduces diseases such as Depression, Because Depression Cold liver will be directly related to low mood and the so-called medicine of Bu Ali Sina. Of course, it should be noted that the use of fat-soluble vitamins Vitamin D, Should not be over-consumed by the body.

Common diseases of women require vitamin D.

– Vitamin D From the occurrence of the disorder Osteoporosis Which is a common disease in women also prevents. Osteoporosis like Depression It is at the forefront of harmful diseases in women that are consumed in the right place and size Vitamin D is controlled. It should be noted that only middle-aged people should not seek to use this vitamin, and its use is also recommended for young people.

Find the sunlight

Sunlight is an important and available source for absorbing this vitamin. During the day, try to expose your hands to the sun so that you can eat non-food as well. Vitamin D Absorb. Keep in mind, however, that researchers have recently concluded that this substance is used to control mood disorders such as DepressionIt is effective and this result may not become a general rule.

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Say goodbye to depression with proper diet

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