Swap This Energy-Dense Green Smoothie for Your Morning Coffee Routine

This popular morning-productivity hack might change your routine, but it could save your brain and body big-time. This energy-dense green smoothie is a great coffee substitute, and is loaded with an array of health benefits.

Green smoothies in the morning, when done correctly, provide the body with a boost of stable energy that lasts well throughout the day, and improves immune system function, clears the skin, alkalizes the body and so much more. They’re loaded with vitamins and minerals, keep you fuller for longer, and hydrate you too!

So go ahead and eliminate the adrenal-destroying coffee for a week or two and replace it with this green smoothie instead. Let me know what you think, and how you feel, in the comments below!

Energy-Dense Green Smoothie Recipe


– 2 cups ripe pineapple (frozen or fresh works fine)
– 1 cup ripe mango chunks (frozen or fresh works fine)
– 2 cups leafy greens of your choice (kale, spinach, romaine, etc.)
– 1 tsp. maca powder
– 2 inches fresh ginger root
– 1 cup young coconut water or regular filtered water
– 1 cup freshly squeezed orange juice
– Optional: if you can find passion fruit or grenadilla in your supermarket or Asian food store, it brings the smoothie to a whole other level! Add in the inside flesh of around 2-3 of these fruits to your smoothie.


Stick all of the above ingredients in a blender and blend for 30-60 seconds or until smooth. You can bring this with you on-the-go in a mason jar, or however you please. Enjoy!

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