Sweetened beverages increase the risk of prediabetes

Today, the use of unhealthy foods has led to a significant increase in diabetes among people. This is a matter of concern. Consumption of high-sugar beverages such as carbonated beverages and non-carbonated fruit beverages such as lemonade puts people at risk. Predicts diabetes.

If prediabetes is diagnosed early, it can be treated through lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise, researchers say.

“Our results show that high consumption of sugary drinks increases the likelihood of developing the early warning signs of type 2 diabetes,” said Nicola McKeon, lead author of the study.
Findings show that adults who consume a can of soda a day are 46 percent more likely to develop prediabetes. In this study, researchers monitored 1,685 middle-aged people for 14 years. None of these people initially had prediabetes or diabetes.

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