Symptoms and treatment of genital lice

Genital lice or dandruff is a type of parasite that lives in the genital area. The eggs of this lice are similar to dandruff. This disease is transmitted through unsafe sex. In this article, we want to acquaint you with the symptoms of this disease. Let’s explain the ways of getting it. Then let’s examine the treatment methods.

Severe itching in the uterus is the main symptom of genital liceWhat are the symptoms of genital lice?

The main symptom of genital lice is severe itching in the uterus. If you have good eyesight, you can see very small brown insects that are scattered and moving between the hairs of your genital area. You may also see tiny white dandruffs (genital lice eggs) attached to the hair shaft.

What is it like to get genital lice?
This type of parasite is usually through Sex Transmitted with an infected person. It is not difficult to see lice in the genital area of ​​an infected person. They reach the penis of a healthy person after the penis of an infected person and a healthy person collides. Fortunately, genital lice are not able to jump.

These small six-legged parasites feed on human blood, so they bite you. This sting causes irritation and severely infected person Feeling itchy will do. They can enter wounds and grooves in the body and make things worse and make you feel more uncomfortable.

These tiny insects can also live in the hair of the anal area. In some cases, these parasites may spread to the hairs or armpits of men and live there. They may even reach the eyebrows and eyelashes, causing more discomfort to the sufferer.

Are there other ways to get genital lice?
Yes. Genital lice can also live in towels or bedding for a while. This has made the use of other people’s towels or bedding less desirable. Underwear, including swimsuits, can also carry genital lice.

How common are genital lice?
The prevalence of genital lice worldwide is between 2 and 10%, depending on the region and health facilities. In 2007, only 2,000 cases of genital lice were reported in the UK. Of course, it must be acknowledged that some people with the disease do not see a doctor or use self-medication.

How is genital lice treated?
Our suggestion to you is to be an expert Sexually transmitted diseases See. General practitioners may confuse the condition with scabies or other skin irritants due to less experience.

In the case of genital lice, self-medication is very common. Of course, the best thing to do for any illness is to avoid self-medication and see a doctor. However, in case of self-medication, read the information written on the medication label carefully. Some medications are not suitable for everyone (including breastfeeding mothers). Be sure to listen carefully to the pharmacist and follow the instructions.

Combing all your body hair with a comb with close-toothed teeth can also be a good option for separating lice and their eggs.

Self-medication or home remedies are by no means suitable for treating genital lice in the eyes. Therefore, be sure to see a doctor in this regard.

Other measures for genital lice
Be sure to find the person who transmitted the genital lice to you and let them know that they are infected.

Many doctors recommend that all people who live with an infected person should also be tested and their health confirmed.
In general, this type of parasite spreads in places where there is free sexual intercourse.
All contaminated personal items such as clothes, towels, blankets and bedding should be washed with hot water and sealed in a sealed plastic bag for a week after drying to ensure that lice are killed.

Absolutely refrain from having sex or using other people’s clothes and bedding until you are sure of the carrier’s health and receive a doctor’s approval. (In general, using other people’s personal belongings, both hygienically and morally, is not a good thing.)

Do not be shy. See your doctor if you have this disease. Genital lice are easily treated.

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