Symptoms of sexual addiction

Have you ever thought that your spouse is sexually addicted and you want to help him / her for treatment? What are the characteristics of your spouse that you have called these symptoms of sexual addiction? Haven’t you mistakenly read her intense sexual desire as sexual addiction?

Sexual addiction involves excessive sexual behavior. Sex addiction can affect a person’s feelings, job, social relationships and other aspects of life.

Sexual addiction may involve an enjoyable sexual experience performed obsessively. Sexual addiction may involve delusions, thoughts, or sexual activities outside the boundaries of the customary, social, and moral laws of society.

Symptoms of sexual addiction

  • Excessive sexual arousal:

Your sexual arousal is too much and you feel you can not control it.

  • Sexual activity without feeling happy:

Even if a feeling forces you to have a certain sexual reaction, it is still possible that this sexual activity will not make you feel happy and satisfied and will not quench your thirst.

  • Turning to sexual behavior due to a number of problems:

You resort to addictive sexual behaviors to escape other problems such as loneliness, depression, anxiety or stress.

  • Risky sexual behavior:

Although there may be serious consequences for you, you continue your risky sexual behaviors. These consequences can include sexually transmitted diseases, disruption of family relationships, problems at work, or legal and customary problems.

It may be difficult for you to establish and maintain an emotional relationship. This condition can occur even after marriage.

  • Continued use of sexy images, magazines and movies
  • Having sex with several people at the same time or changing partners regularly

Stages of sexual addiction

  • Continuous intellectual activity:

Continuous thoughts and fantasies about sexual situations, scenes, and activities.

  • Prefer:

A preferred sexual activity or position becomes a pattern.

Take actionPreferred sexual orientation without considering the negative consequences and the desire to stop it.

Feelings of guilt and shame over your inability to control your behavior.

The difference between high sexual desire and sexual addiction

A person who has a lot of sexual desire is ready to have a marital relationship with a short time interval, and this need is constant throughout life or at least every decade of his life.

There is a regularity in having a marital relationship with a person who has a lot of sexual desire.

Sexual addiction Has a starting point; For example, a person may have a problem after the death of his father or bankruptcy or since he emigrated, which is actually a way for him to cope with stress and anxiety.

After sexual gratification, the person is relieved of stress and calms down, that is, the brain messengers secrete soothing chemicals, which cause relief and calm down and suppress the person’s anxiety. Many couples have some kind of sex Diazepam Know and regularly regardless of warmth or Cold temper They do this.

The most effective treatment for sexual addiction

Psychotherapy And speech therapy is definitely needed for the sex addict in the continuation of the treatment process, but in this case, the method of psychoanalysis, ie psychological analysis, is not recommended, but cognitive behavior therapy is recommended. Cognitive therapy and behavioral therapy play an important role in this regard. Of course, this requires people to follow up because many people stop visiting as soon as their problem is solved with medication.

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