Take influenza A seriously

Although the flu usually has much worse symptoms than the common cold, it is not easy to distinguish between the two.

Iraj Azimi, Director of Health of Tehran Municipality, District 22, told Tasnim on the sidelines of a conference on the common causes of infectious diseases and colds in infants and children: Health is the excellence of health services and public health education among citizens.

He continued: “The efforts of the District 22 Municipal Health Department are especially in creating the right culture for families. Instead of families self-medicating or home treatment in dealing with diseases, it is better to see a doctor so that the doctor can recognize the disease correctly.” And its treatment to prevent harmful complications and irreparable injuries resulting from arbitrary treatments at older ages and in the future.

Also in the continuation of this conference; Behnam Sabouti, a specialist in pediatric infectious diseases and a faculty member of the university, explained the infectious diseases and colds of infants and children to Tasnim: The most common infectious diseases of children are seasonal diarrhea and vomiting that have viral or bacterial causes and in most cases cause the child to be hospitalized. It becomes a hospital, usually caused by contaminated water, contaminated food, contaminated fruits and vegetables, or swimming in contaminated water.

He continued: “After diarrhea and vomiting, the most common infections in children are respiratory infections, which include upper respiratory infections such as sinusitis, ear infections and lower respiratory infections, which include infections in the lungs of children.” After these infections; Urinary tract infections should occur in the age group of 5 years, which is more common in girls who are treated with outpatient treatment and antibiotics.

“The most dangerous type of infection in children is an infection of the central nervous system or meningitis, which can have many complications and a serious risk of having a viral or bacterial agent,” he said.

The pediatric infectious disease specialist went on to point out other infections, including skin, eye and bone infections that sometimes result in trauma to children, which are not dangerous. If left untreated, it can lead to bone loss in childhood and bone loss in adulthood.

“Colds and the flu are among the respiratory infections that usually start in November and last until the end of March,” he said. They are susceptible to infection, the main route of transmission is hand contact, cough and sneezing, which is the best way to wash the hands, which kills the virus and limits the means of transmission.

“The flu has more severe clinical symptoms than the common cold, such as higher fever, muscle weakness, more severe numbness and redness of the eyes, which are other symptoms of the flu,” said the pediatric infectious disease specialist.

“Children with diabetes, chronic kidney disease or cancer are more likely to get the flu, and it is best to get the seasonal flu vaccine,” said evidence of the flu. Of course, the flu vaccine reduces the severity of the symptoms, but 100% safety is not achieved. The best time to get the flu shot is from late September to the end of October.

The pediatric infectious disease specialist added: “Infants can receive antibodies by eating breast milk and their immune system is upgraded, and on the other hand, it is possible to transmit infectious agents in the same way.”

“Runny nose and cough are very common in children, which can be an allergic factor, which is affected by nutrition, air, environment, and certainly not a viral agent,” said Sabouti.

I have to say; Conference on the Common Causes of Infectious Diseases and Colds in Infants and Children by the Intensive Care Association in collaboration with Obidi Pharmaceutical Company and the Social, Cultural and Health Department of the 22nd District of Tehran Municipality on September 11, 2014 in the morning in the conference hall of the Social Assistance , Cultural and Municipal Health Department of District 22 was held.

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