Take more care of your feet

For better and more beautiful ankles, we recommend that you take more care of the health of your feet. Try to pay more attention to your body parts. We want to repeat the important advice of doctors for the health and beauty of your feet in this article.

The foot is one of the most important organs in the body. But unfortunately, many people do not pay attention to their feet, many people endanger their feet by not observing foot hygiene and also wearing inappropriate and tight shoes.

The importance of ankle beauty
5 Important Dr. Rock Positano Tips for Foot Care

Often, importance to the ankle is not a priority, but it should be given special importance. In the last few years, I have been suffering from severe heel problems and unexplained ankle pain. I did everything from stretching to yoga to soothe my pain, but none worked. I went to two podiatrists, both of whom said I needed surgery. Fortunately, my wife came across an article by Dr. Rock Positano, Head of Ankle and Ankle Non-Surgical Services.

Dr. Rock is a specialist in non-surgical care and treatment, and the help he gave me was quite different from the previous doctors I had seen. He told me: “Your condition score is from 1 to 10 degrees, 2 or 3, your condition is not very bad. “If you pay attention to what I said, you can wear high heels again.” Within a few weeks, my leg pain subsided dramatically. Although I still do not wear high heels, I can wear high heels for an hour without pain and discomfort.

Dr. Rock has some very interesting insights and tips on how to keep your feet beautiful and strong, especially in winter. Here are 5 tips for foot care:

1- Choose the right shoe size

A study conducted ten years ago found that 90% of women do not have the right size shoes and are one or two sizes smaller than their feet. Many people think that by the age of 15 their foot size should be 25 or 30. Wearing boots smaller or larger than the size of the foot causes the tendons to overwork, resulting in knee, back and ankle pain. If you want to wear a boot with a narrow toe, you need to provide more space for the toe in front of the shoe, especially if you have a deformed or injured foot. Some people wear shoes with very narrow heels that cause the foot to slip around too much, which can lead to Achilles tendon problems, ankle tendonitis, or plantar fascia. If you have a bunion (toe deviation), a hammer toe, or a neuroma (nerve tumor), the bones and structures of the foot are stimulated and pressured when you put your foot in a narrow toe shoe.

2- Choose the right type of shoes

If the weather is cold and there is 50 cm of snow on the ground, you should use a boot that has good support for your feet. If you wear boots that do not support regular medical shoes, the foot should try harder to increase ground contact and maintain your balance, which is why many people develop tendonitis problems. Hunter boots are suitable for this purpose because they have a very good arch, their heels are good and they hold the foot much better than other boots. Timberland boots have excellent ankle and heel support. Uggs are comfortable, but if you do not have the right type of orthopedic (medical) insole in the boot, there is a risk of injury from excessive use of the boot, especially in the arch of the foot, Achilles and knee.

3- Keep your feet warm and moist

Apply lotion on feet, heels, back and front of the foot (toe). Always keep the skin of your feet hydrated and do not let it dry so that the protective layer of the skin is healthy and strong and your skin is less vulnerable to stimuli such as infections. Exposure to very cold weather causes leg spasms. This condition affects the blood circulation in the legs and the temperature of the muscles and ligaments. If the foot stays cold for too long (for example, for several hours), the risk of tendon inflammation increases. If you take off your warm and furry shoes and do not wear any socks, you will easily get cold feet.

4- Love your foot, surgery is the last resort

If you are going to have foot surgery for cosmetic reasons, you should know that there is a possibility that your foot will never be like before. The foot, unlike other parts of the body, bears the weight directly. The foot is the only part of the body that you can perform a complete operation on, but there is no guarantee that the result will be good. Do not operate your foot if it does not need to be repaired. By doing so, you are likely to turn a good, healthy foot into a problematic foot that affects not only your ankle, but also your knees and lower back.

Exercise your legs

Before leaving the house, use a towel to do leg stretching exercises. Pull your ankle back, hold it for 20 to 30 seconds and release. Do this two to three times a day to increase its flexibility. By doing this, you will reduce the risk of foot injury when you want to be exposed to cold weather.


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