Take the symptoms of reflux disease seriously

Prevalence of reflux among Iranians

Ebrahim Daryani, gastroenterology specialist and member of Tehran medical science faculty, stated that reflux is a common problem among Iranians and said: According to statistics, about 5% of Iranians suffer from this disease. There is a valve between the esophagus and the stomach, which must be closed after eating to prevent stomach acid from returning to the esophagus, but in reflux, the functioning of this valve is disturbed.

He continued: The pH (acidity and alkalinity) of the stomach is acidic and less than 4, but the pH of the esophagus is alkaline, and as a result, when the acidic substance of the stomach enters the esophagus, it is damaged in reflux disease, which is called esophagitis.

These drugs cause reflux

Referring to the drugs that contribute to reflux and dysfunction of the valve between the esophagus and the stomach, a member of the faculty of medical sciences in Tehran said: Some drugs, including sleeping pills and hormonal drugs, especially pills that are used to prevent pregnancy Due to the combination of progesterone and these hormones in the body, it can be one of the causes of reflux.

Emphasizing obesity as one of the most important causes of reflux, this gastroenterologist added: This disease in these people, due to the pressure of the stomach on the body’s digestive system, leads to the return of stomach acid to the esophagus and as a result, the symptoms of reflux. In some people, the function of the valve is good, but its temporary disorder also leads to this complication.

Reflux that sends the patient to CCU

Referring to the symptoms of reflux, Dariani said: Burning behind the sternum, which is called “souring” in the term, the complete return of acid from the stomach to the intestine are common symptoms of this disease.

He said: Sometimes the symptoms of reflux are unexplained and are confused with heart diseases. In these situations, especially at night, due to severe pain and the possibility of infarction, the person goes to the hospital as an emergency and is even admitted to the CCU and angiography, but in the results of the tests and examinations, the doctor tells the patient that you have a problem. You do not have a heart and your heart function is normal. Studies show that these patients suffer from reflux in one third of cases.

Cough and asthma after reflux disease

A member of the faculty of medical sciences in Tehran said: Reflux can cause factors such as chronic cough and hoarseness. In these people, when they wake up in the morning, they have a hoarse voice, but this hoarseness disappears gradually during the day. the river In rare cases, it can lead to inflammation in the larynx, especially in its posterior region (posterior epiglottis).

Referring to reflux and exacerbation of asthma, this senior gastroenterologist said: Reflux is aggravated in asthmatic patients who take drugs such as theophylline due to the valve remaining open as a result of the side effects of these pills. In patients with asthma, this condition aggravates shortness of breath and the person’s disease becomes worse.

It is forbidden to eat these foods!

He emphasized: Patients should take seriously the advice of doctors regarding the foods they consume in order to prevent the aggravation of this complication and to prevent disruptions in the treatment process. The amount of food used should be small and a large amount of water and food should not be entered into the stomach at once. After all, maintaining a three-hour gap between eating and sleeping should be observed. If the patient lies down with a large volume of food in the stomach, the force of gravity is lost and the return of stomach acid to the esophagus increases.

Referring to forbidden foods for people suffering from reflux, Dariani said: Patients should avoid foods such as pickles, spices, vinegar, pickles, carbonated drinks, tomato sauce, coffee, chocolate, strong and fatty tea. Fatty foods not only cause more expansion of the stomach, but unlike sugary and protein foods, they are expelled from the stomach later. Therefore, one of the strict health recommendations of doctors is to reduce fatty foods, especially fast foods and pizza.

Smokers’ misconceptions and the occurrence of reflux

Gastroenterologist continued: One of the most important things to consider in the treatment of reflux is to avoid smoking because it plays a big role in aggravating the disease. Many smokers mistakenly believe that the pack after a meal is effective in digestion, but this false belief leads to the aggravation and occurrence of the disease.

Remedies for heartburn

A member of the medical faculty of Tehran, referring to treatment methods, said: Some drugs, such as omeprazole, can be taken for the first two to three weeks in two meals, morning and night, although it is better to take them one hour before meals and after For three weeks, he continued to have breakfast once a day.

He continued: It is usually recommended that this drug is not stopped at once, but at first twice a day, then once a day, then one day in between, two days in between, and so on. Flux can be taken again.

Stating that endoscopy and surgery are needed in severe cases, this gastroenterologist said: If the patient’s endoscopy shows severe symptoms of esophageal burning or inflammation, it is necessary to change the amount of drugs, but sometimes surgery is needed due to the severity of the disease.

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