Taking care of sexual powers with these methods

We will introduce useful and important resources to strengthen your sexual power in the following article. It is better to take help from these foods to prevent the occurrence of marital sexual problems and hurry up with the help of your sexual power.

According to doctors, the correct consumption of food is very effective in controlling sexual desires. In such a way that with this formula one can easily hold the reins of the horse of lust and sometimes pull it and sometimes gallop four horses ahead. The same temperament is the precondition and the key to this kind of treatment.

According to the advice of traditional healers, it is better to choose couples from the same temperament classification. Those who are lively, active and have more energy in doing everyday things, have a warm temperament and are in front of this group of cold temperaments. In this case, if both people are warm-tempered, they naturally have a greater desire to have sexual relations, and due to their warm temperament, they will easily cope with the demands of their partners.

This equation can be solved in another way for cold-tempered couples. In this way, because both people have little desire to establish a relationship, there will be no feeling of dissatisfaction, and as a result of this lack, in fewer cases, it will end up in the corridors of the court. But the problem will arise when this temperamental balance between husband and wife is lost and each of them is placed in a separate classification. This is where the key role of effective foods in increasing sexual desire becomes more colorful according to the needs of the other party.

According to the above definitions, hot foods are known as stimulants, which we have listed in 6 major categories;

1. Meat

Mutton is the most important food that you can easily include in your diet. Due to the widespread nature of this food item, mutton is considered one of the main elements of libido-enhancing foods. But if you are one of those people who do not like the taste of this tonic food or if you are looking for complete nutrition and diet despite the need for sexual stimulants, then ostrich meat is considered a good substitute for mutton. In desert areas and places where They have access to camel meat, this hot food is highly recommended. Also, compatriots living in the northern part of Iran can use turkey and duck meat to strengthen their youth.

2. Fruit

Other sources of warm foods are fruits. Apart from the desirable properties of warm fruits, providing vitamins and freshness to the body, they act as the complete parts of the above-mentioned puzzle and help spouses to achieve a desirable relationship. Consuming stimulating fruits along with basic nutrition will work, Karstan! Raisins, grapes, melons, persimmons, bananas, figs, and walnuts are among the fruits that have a warm nature, and fortunately, several food representatives of this group of foods can be found in fruit stores throughout the year.

3. Serotonin sources

The results of research and the life experiences of young couples have shown that whenever men and women are at the lowest possible level in terms of intellectual conflicts, they have a successful time in the field of sexual relations. The reason for this success, which is caused by the lack of mental concern, is the release of the happiness hormone or “serotonin”. So, if you take steps to increase the amount of happy hormones in your body, you will have a warmer relationship. Honey, milk, fish meat, broad leaf vegetables such as spinach and radish are good sources of serotonin.

4. Seafood

High blood pressure is a process that happens inside the body at the beginning and during sexual intercourse. Therefore, the more the female or male reproductive system contributes to this blood supply, the higher the satisfaction percentage of the parties will be. Due to the presence of zinc, selenium and iodine, seafood helps in better secretion of sex hormones in addition to providing the necessary energy.

5. Chocolate, ginger and olives

Dark chocolate stimulates the brain system and the use of ginger is very effective for improving blood circulation. Black olives for women and green olives for men are among hot stimulants.

6. Sweets and spicy foods

Sweet and spicy flavors are stimulating, and because of the wide range of sweet and spicy foods, all kinds of sweets, spicy spices, onions, sausages, and sausages were only briefly mentioned. Using a glass of natural pomegranate juice, before communicating in men, prevents erectile dysfunction.

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