Tattoo threats to body health

Did you know that with a tattoo on your skin, you may get various infectious diseases or that your body reacts differently to the colors in the tattoo?

A dermatologist, hair and beauty expert listed the side effects of tattoos on the skin.

Dr. Haghighi said: Because this work is done by inserting a needle into the skin, there is a possibility of transmission of various infections such as AIDS, hepatitis, staphylococcal infection, and cellulitis.

On the other hand, there is a possibility of allergic reactions and skin sensitivity to tattoo materials and colors, which results in symptoms of inflammation and local sensitivity at the tattoo site. Due to the existence of many diseases and severe complications, people who have tattoos on their bodies have problems donating blood and cannot donate blood.

He pointed out that there are many ways to remove and remove a tattoo. Surgery of the tattoo area and suturing of the area, mechanical abrasion (in this method, a device is used to abrade the skin), cold therapy or cryotherapy, the use of chemical acids, and finally laser therapy including exfoliating lasers such as erbium and co2 and non-exfoliating lasers, from Among the ways to treat tattoos are considered.

Haghigi said: The best way to remove tattoos is laser therapy. The best laser for tattoo removal is the Kioswitch laser. Because without creating a boil (scar) by fragmenting the pieces of paint in the skin, the immune cells of the skin help in swallowing and removing the tattoo paint.

He pointed out: The more superficial the tattoo, the easier it is to remove. Some colors such as black, blue and brown can be removed with laser better than colors such as red. Usually, laser tattoo removal requires several treatment sessions, and the patient must be patient and trust his dermatologist.

He added: Young people who are currently tattooing on their bodies, even though they say the reason for this is its beauty and attractiveness, but in reality, this is a way of not falling behind the group of friends and trying to move with It is a new fashion, which is considered one of the intellectual mistakes of these people.

Haghigi mentioned: Skin complications are another problem of tattooing. Tattoos reduce the skin’s sensitivity to touch by disrupting nerve signals. There may be seeds around the tattoo site and lesions like scars may appear. These two complications are common complications, the first is known as granuloma and the second is known as keloid.

He continued: In the first case, a number of knots are formed around the tattoo ink. These granulomas are fleshy and may develop following tattooing. In the second case, the white, grainy and hard platelets accumulate as a colloidal tumor, in which the scars leave the lines of the tattooed area.

In the end, this skin and hair expert said: The creation of hives and skin allergies (red spots like measles) in other parts of the body is the result of delayed allergic reactions. It means complications that do not occur immediately after tattooing. It is really not worth it for a person to suffer from diseases such as AIDS, hepatitis, etc. in order to play a small role.


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