Teach your spouse to have sex

With the passage of time and the first years of life, less sexual excitement is seen among couples, to eliminate and prevent the cold sex with your spouse are points to consider

Encourage your spouse to have sexNo matter how much time has passed since you and your spouse started living together, you are still always starting sex. Although men do not hesitate to take the initiative to have sex, they all like that sometimes a woman takes the first step to start. In fact, men never understand why some women never ask them when they feel sexual arousal and lust. Do not have sex? There are several reasons for women to refuse to express desire and attempt to have sex, the most common of which are discussed here. You can overcome this mistake by using a few simple tips and force her to take the lead in having sex with you in at least half of the cases.1. Most women feel compelled not to have sex. They know that a man can ask for sex whenever he wants, and they will satisfy the man’s wishes. When you are always asking for sex, the woman will no longer be forced to do so and will feel that she will never have to start having sex. To solve this problem, you must sometimes have restraint to determine your worth! If you have had sex several times a week before, now a woman is waiting for you at the same time. During the week, stimulate her with erotic kisses and massage, and when you feel that she is well stimulated, shy away from it and do something other than sex.

If you continue to do this for a week, you can be sure that you have stimulated him so much that he will surely not leave you comfortable anymore !!2. In some backward societies, it is thought that only naughty and abusive women start having sex. Therefore, requesting sex from a woman is considered an ugly phenomenon and everyone turns away from it. In such a cultural context, a woman thinks that if she takes the initiative to have sex, she will be accused of debauchery and corruption by the man and may be driven away by him. You must instill the root of such thinking in her mind. All you have to do is explain to her one day how and by what she is aroused and tell her that because you are a couple, there is nothing wrong with her having sex and it will make you very happy.

Wait for your spouse to take the first step and guide him or her well in what he or she is doing. When he sees the signs of joy in you and is encouraged, he will forget all the previous rotten thoughts.3. Some women never take the initiative to have sex for fear of being rejected by the man. They are always worried about the negative reaction from the man and are afraid to do something that is not to the man’s liking and satisfaction. To overcome such a feeling, you should encourage him regularly. For example, if a woman puts her hand on your thigh, hold her hand there, or if she kisses you, you respond with fiery kisses and also push her forward step by step. Her provocations can boost a woman’s self-confidence and eliminate her fears. After a while, a woman can easily start having sex herself. To help her further, it is best to explain to her what you enjoy doing most about the relationship. He will gladly do them for you. Remember that any unpleasant reaction from you may have a negative and irreversible effect on his mind.4 – Sometimes a woman may not be healthy and do not have the heart and mind for sex. Decreased sexual desire in a woman or lack of attractiveness for a man can all cause a woman to refuse to have sex under various pretexts such as headache or feeling bored. Sexual desire in a woman is the most difficult and difficult issue that you face. You will. You must first determine the cause of the woman’s lack of interest in sex, then try to find out the cause. If over time and gradually his interest in you has diminished, you should “exactly” investigate the cause and establish your position.

If sex is normal for you, try to change your method and make it more attractive. You will soon find that your spouse will want to have a relationship with you. Revive his desires in you. In this way, the fire of his love and affection for you will be rekindled very soon. With a little patience and perseverance and applying the above points, you can force even the most shy women to deal with Let them be the first to start having sex.

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