Teaching how to make nail polish at home with minimal facilities

Have you ever thought of making your own nail polish? For many of us, making nail polish seems very difficult, but it is not that difficult. In this video tutorial, we teach you how to make varnish in different colors at home with the least available facilities.

The materials we need to make nail polish are: two bottles of nail polish, some garlands and an eyeshadow color of your choice. Stay with Dr. Salam.

We want to teach you how to make two types of simple and garland varnish.

1- Leave the shiny glasses aside.

2- Make a small funnel with paper so that the opening is the same size as the opening of the polishing glass.

3- Take the eye shadow of your choice and break it and grind it completely. You can use broken shadows. The shadow should be completely fine.

Eye shadow of your choice

4- Put the funnel on the opening of the nail polish glass and pour the powdered shadows into the funnel and remove the excess stuck in the funnel with a toothpick.

Teaching how to make nail polish
5- When it enters the nail polish jar, shake it well for about a minute. You can see that the color of the shadow is completely spread in the nail polish.

Do the same thing with the wreaths and insert the wreaths into the nail polish glass using a funnel and shake well. You can apply a layer of nail polish and after it dries, apply a layer of crown on your nails.

Video tutorial on making nail polish

Note that every time before use, you must shake the jar well to dissolve the substances if they have settled. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it useful. Hello doctor, at your service

February 19, 2011 01:35

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