Teaching how to use condoms and delay gel

One of the most important concerns of men in marital issues is premature ejaculation, which causes people to use different methods to deal with it, such as using delay gel, delay condom and delay spray. Here we review how to use a condom condom tear do not occur

How to use delay gel:

Open the lid of the gel compartment and take some of it with your finger and apply it on the penis and then massage, after a period of time equal to half an hour, wash the area with water only and without using detergents. Also, men who have strong muscles and strong bodies, as well as men with dark skin, let the gel stay on the area for a longer time and wash after 45 minutes.

Important tips for correct use of delayed gel:

  • It is enough to use the gel until the entire penis is covered with gel, and you don’t need to use a large amount of gel or with a high thickness.
  • The blue gel is only for delaying ejaculation during intercourse, and it delays ejaculation for about 45 minutes (on average) from the time intercourse begins, so it will not have a permanent effect, and every time before intercourse Instructions should be used.
  • According to the license to sell and use this product, it does not require a doctor’s prescription (sale is free)

Teaching how to use condoms and delay gel

How to use a delayed condom:

The basis of operation Delay condoms Numbness of the penis is caused by anesthetics such as lidocaine. This means that after using a condom for a period of 3 to 5 minutes, the head of the penis and the glans area become numb and the person feels less irritation. Gradually, during the sexual act, when the effect of local anesthesia is reduced, the person feels the stimulation better and more, and finally, after the numbness wears off, he feels the stimulation completely and reaches ejaculation.

1. Open the condom very slowly from the zigzag edge.
2. Determine the back and front of the condom. By looking at the condom, you will know which side the condom opens.
3. Make sure the condom holder is straight and facing out.
4. Make sure your penis is like a tower! (It means that it is completely raised)

Teaching how to use condoms and delay gel

Important recommendations regarding the use of delayed condoms:

Regarding how to use a male condom, it should be emphasized that the use of a male condom should start before sexual intercourse because the secretions men have before ejaculation may contain viruses such as HIV and cause the spread of the disease.

1- In cases where there is no fear of disease, in order to reduce the possibility of unwanted pregnancy, contact with secretions before complete ejaculation should be avoided because there is no chance of sperm in them.

2- The condom should be pulled over the erect (erect) penis and used in such a way that a small empty space remains at the end to collect the semen during ejaculation.

3- The point that should be paid attention to when using a condom is that the condom should cover the entire length of the male penis to the bottom.

4- If the male condom breaks during sexual intercourse, sexual intercourse should be stopped immediately and a new condom should be used. It may also be necessary to use other methods of preventing pregnancy in these cases.

Note that the best method for Premature ejaculation treatment Mental exercise and the use of the power to control it is what comes with practice and increasing self-confidence in a person, and over time, it makes the ejaculation time of people closer to the desired and ideal level.

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