The appearance of blood in men’s semen

Why does blood appear in men’s semen? What problems are caused by this problem in sperm? What are the effective treatment methods in this field? Is this symptom worrying or does it not cause a problem? Follow the treatment recommendations in this field.

For people under the age of 40, seeing blood in semen without any symptoms is not dangerous and will resolve on its own.

According to Shafaonline, however, in the case of men over 40 years of age, the observation of blood in the semen needs to be investigated, especially if this happens frequently, is accompanied by other symptoms, or the person is at risk of cancer.

Causes of seeing blood in ejaculation – infection and inflammation. The most common cause of blood in semen is the presence of inflammation or infection in one of the parts of the semen passageway, such as the prostate, urethra, epididymis, and seminal vesicle.

– surgery. Performing any surgery or medical examination such as prostate sampling, radiation therapy and vasectomy can cause some blood in the semen.

– Obstruction of the exit path of semen. If there is an obstacle such as a polyp or a tumor in any part of the passage of semen, pressure is applied to the vessels around that part and bleeding occurs.

– Sexually transmitted diseases. Diseases that can be transmitted through unprotected sex, such as gonorrhea or chlamydia, and bacterial infections can be other causes of blood in semen.

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