The basis of the prevalence of asthma in the community with arbitrary treatment of allergies

Maryam Mahaloji Rad, a specialist in asthma, allergy and immunology, in a conversation with the reporter of Young Journalists; stated: Untreated allergies and arbitrary treatments underlying the occurrence Asthma Among the people of the society and the quality of life decreases among the sufferers.

He said: Outbreak allergy It is increasing and about 20% of the people in the society are dealing with the manifestations of allergies in the nose, throat, ears, nasal congestion on average.

This specialist in asthma, allergy and immunology said: symptoms allergy It is very similar to a cold, that is, the onset of a cold is in the form of sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion, and these symptoms are similar, and in many cases, doctors and patients do not have a correct diagnosis of the disease and the treatment process.

He added: Arbitrary treatment and misdiagnosis allergy The field of infection Asthma and because of this the sensitivity of detection allergy And timely treatment is important in the health system

Mahloji Rad stated: criteria such as cold with its symptoms lasts for a maximum of one week and then recovers, but in allergySymptoms persist for several months and weeks, unlike other family members suffering from colds allergy And finally, the third diagnostic way is fever, which we usually have in allergy We don’t have a fever, but in colds, there may be a mild fever in the early stages of the disease.

He stated: 50% of genetics play a role in getting allergies, that is, we expect that a person who has allergies has a father, mother, or someone else in the family who also has allergies, so it is important to pay attention to the role of genetics in the diagnosis and should be considered in the initial examinations by the doctor. Pay attention to this issue.

This specialist in asthma, allergy and immunology said: Some doctors believe that allergies have no cure and that every person suffering from allergies should deal with it. However, this is completely wrong. Some allergies have definitive treatment and there are ways to treat allergies. .

He added: Instilling the belief by doctors that asthma has no cure prevents some patients from the treatment process, and by turning allergies into asthma, a person goes to the doctor and with the exacerbation of serious complications and symptoms, he incurs the cost of medicine and the loss of quality of life, which must be diagnosed. The initial correctness by the doctors who initiate the treatment should be reasonable and the treatment should not be defective in the cycle.

Mahloji Rad reminded: Asthma and allergy diseases are increasing in our country, and in the cold seasons of the year, it is seen from time to time, and this is if the costs of treatment, medicine, loss of quality of life and other complications should be taken into consideration by the trustees. be healthy

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