The benefits of drinking goat’s milk

In this section, we will review the benefits of drinking goat’s milk. The milk of this animal, like cow’s milk, is very useful and effective for increasing bone health. You can also treat complications such as arthritis and rheumatism by drinking goat’s milk. Researchers believe that goat’s milk has fewer toxins than cow’s milk and that there are no growth hormones found in cow’s milk.

Goat’s milk is most similar to breast milk. Properties of goat milk include reducing the pain of osteoarthritis, Rheumatism It helps to nourish and regenerate the body’s nervous system. It is widely available to citizens and is even available in supermarkets in powdered milk. Regarding the properties of goat’s milk, traditional medicine therapists believe that if fresh goat’s milk is consumed with fresh black figs, which you eat in the summer, it can have a great effect on reducing the pain of arthritis, rheumatism and joint diseases. To the extent that, if people have access to goat milk powder or dried black figs, they can also add water to the milk or soak it. Figs Take advantage of the healing properties of this medicinal food in water. In general, goat’s milk is a very good substitute for cow’s milk, especially if it is raw and organic. Goat’s milk provides 2% of the world’s milk supply, and most people who consume goat’s milk have less digestive problems and Allergies They return. Join us to learn more about the properties of goat milk and its benefits.

The benefits of drinking goat's milk

Properties of goat milk (nature and healing properties)

The nature of goat’s milk is colder and wetter from the point of view of traditional medicine. Some of the most important health benefits of goat milk include the following:
Effective ingredients in goat’s milk improve Immune system Controls bacterial infections. Consumption of goat’s milk reduces calcium deficiency diseases such as osteoporosis and fractures due to its high calcium content. As mentioned earlier about the properties of milk, consumption of all types of milk is very useful and necessary to strengthen and strengthen bones. It has a significant effect on muscle stimulation and stretching, ossification, increasing bone strength and endurance. Iron deficiency anemia is very useful, increases the absorption of iron in the blood, reduces the interference between calcium and iron, which causes the body to absorb less iron. One of the most important and interesting properties of goat milk is its high similarity to the properties of breast milk. Is. Goat’s milk contains a large amount of oligosaccharides found in breast milk. Other properties of goat’s milk include less toxins and hormones in cow’s milk than cow’s milk. In fact, most cow’s milk contains bovine growth hormones, especially the hormone that increases the abnormal production of cow’s milk, but goat’s milk lacks such hormones. Therefore, goat’s milk is not only more nutritious, but also has less toxins. Goat’s milk has less lactose than cow milk Therefore, its consumption is very useful for people who are allergic to sugar and lactose in cow’s milk, it is a good alternative. Nutrition and regeneration of the body’s nervous system are other benefits of consuming goat’s milk. In this regard, it is interesting to know that Gandhi, after long periods of hunger strike, was able to regain his health by consuming raw goat’s milk. The amount of fat in goat’s milk was lower than cow’s milk, so its consumption for people who want They are useful for weight loss. The fatty acids in milk are omega 6, which is very necessary for the body. Also, one of the most important properties of goat’s milk is providing the energy needed by the body. Goat’s milk has many properties and has fewer side effects compared to cow’s milk.

Nutritional value of goat milk

Goat’s milk has the nutrients the body needs and has fewer additives than cow’s milk. In general, milk is a collection of several foods and is produced by a living thing, so lifestyle, quality of life, quality of animal food and living conditions and environmental stresses can have a great impact on the quality of animal milk.
Comparison table of nutritional value of cow’s milk and goat’s milk (g / 100 ml)

Fat (g) Protein (g) Carbohydrate (g) Energy (kcal) Calcium (g) Cow’s milk
Goat milk 4/5
3/3 4/4
6/4 67

Precautions and contraindications to goat’s milk

To date, no specific side effects have been reported with goat’s milk, but as with all foods, over-consumption is not recommended.

Source: Star Health Group

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