The best foods to boost memory

Do not forget to eat raisins!

Raisins are a type of raisin and are among the foods that strengthen memory. They have long been recommended to eat raisins to boost brain function, especially for children. This useful food can be considered as a nutritious snack. Numerous hadiths and narrations also mention the role of raisins in strengthening memory and preventing forgetfulness. Raisins are rich in vitamins and can prevent many diseases, including Alzheimer’s. If you want to be famous for having a strong memory, do not forget the raisins.

Saffron syrup for more concentration

Sometimes memory loss has nothing to do with brain function and is due to lack of concentration. This means that the person has a good memory but does not have the necessary concentration to memorize things. In these cases, you can expect the memory to improve by improving concentration. Strengthening the heart can also be effective in this regard. Strengthens the heart stumps such as saffron, to, balang and. . . They can indirectly affect memory improvement. Be and Balang can be used as a jam or in other forms such as paste. Saffron is also recommended in the form of syrup or in the form of infusions in various foods.

Save on dates!

Although some foods seem to be beneficial and are often recommended, over-consumption of these foods can have a detrimental effect on memory. We must pay attention to the consumption of these substances and avoid consuming them excessively.

These foods include dates. Dates are one of the foods that are thought to be harmless and some people consume them every day, but you should keep in mind that excessive consumption of dates can have a negative effect on memory. Also keep in mind that dried dates have a less negative effect on memory.

Rosemary, a symbol of memory

Wreath or rosemary is considered a symbol of memory and brain function. This plant with its special properties can stimulate blood circulation and nervous system. In addition to its healing properties for some diseases, rosemary can be used to strengthen memory and mental powers. To use mountain wreath, you can boil it with water and use it with honey. Daily consumption of this plant can prevent weakness of mental powers.

Frankincense, the elixir of memory

Frankincense is an edible plant that has many healing properties, including strengthening the nerves and memory. Many hadiths and narrations have recommended the use of frankincense to strengthen memory and prevent forgetfulness and have considered it beneficial for the body. Frankincense has even been mentioned in some texts to increase children’s intelligence. But frankincense plays a greater role in strengthening memory. Frankincense can be soaked in water and used with honey to increase its strengthening properties to strengthen memory.

Honey and a variety of nuts, brain tonics

Nuts such as walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts can partially increase brain mass and improve some brain functions, including memory enhancement. You can include these substances in your daily diet and see the effect on your memory. In general, brains can have a positive effect on brain function. In addition, honey is another food whose effect on boosting memory is undeniable. It is recommended to consume a tablespoon of honey jam on an empty stomach to strengthen memory.

Lavender from the past to the present

Memory, like other abilities, can be strengthened and nurtured. Traditional medicine has several suggestions for strengthening memory, each of which can be used appropriately. Some foods improve brain function and enhance memory by clearing the brain and actually cleansing and clearing brain cells and intercellular fluid.

One of these plants is lavender, which has been used in the past to cure diseases related to mental powers, dizziness, forgetfulness, and so on. Lavender can be consumed in the form of sweat, brewed or even tea. At the beginning of consumption, up to three glasses of this sweat can be consumed per day. A glass of lavender sweat is recommended one day to strengthen memory.

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