The best instructions for burning fat

A researcher and researcher of traditional medicine said: regulating sleep, observing the correct way of eating and consuming salads and vegetables will destroy body fat masses.

Haidar Azmaei, a researcher in traditional medicine, said in an interview with the Young Journalists Club: “Obesity is one of the biggest problems in advanced societies today, and people are always looking for the fastest and least complicated ways to fight obesity.”

“Identifying the causes of obesity is an important step in treating it,” he said. Are involved.

This researcher and researcher of traditional medicine stated that the consumption of solid and liquid oils have a significant effect on the development of obesity; Note: The use of oils such as tails and olives also have an effective role in burning fat.

Azmaei added: Consumption of fruits and vegetables that do not contain harmful fats and occupy a large volume of stomach space, cause fat burning. Also, using a salad without sauce, plays an effective role in weight loss.

He said: Consumption of salads, including cucumbers, tomatoes, yellow apples, parsley, celery stalks, lips, carrots, kale and a few raisins with lemon or apple cider vinegar, causes cleansing and slimming, which is a rich source of vitamins. Calcium, iron and minerals.

This researcher and researcher of traditional medicine, stating that the consumption of herbs such as green tea and dill also have a significant effect on fat burning, clarified: Due to the cold nature of green tea to prevent side effects such as hand tremors, drinking it with cinnamon is recommended .

Azmaei said: “People should refrain from using herbal slimming drugs arbitrarily and use these drugs under the supervision of a traditional medicine specialist, and pregnant and lactating women should also avoid using any slimming drugs.”

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