The best methods in traditional medicine to treat fatty liver

There is definitely a traditional medicine expert in every family; Grandparents! You may have seen that elders sometimes recommend the use of a herbal medicine to treat some disorders. Traditional medicine is one of the most useful types of treatment methods and it works in most cases. In the following, we will introduce you to the methods of treating fatty liver by traditional medicine. Stay with Dr. Salam.

Mahmoud Qadri, an expert in traditional medicine; Regarding the development of fatty liver, improper diet and the most important one is ice water, especially between meals, after bathing, after exercise, early morning and night.

He, other cases such as improper functioning of other organs, heredity, consumption of alcoholic beverages, consumption cigarettes And Qalyan called stress, anxiety and immobility among the important factors of the disease.

Traditional medicine expert regarding treatment and prevention methods Fatty Liver He said: The first step in the direction of recovery should be considered abstinence and giving up habits. Oils containing vegetable and palm fats should be removed from the diet and replaced with Sesame Oil and use olives, exercise, walk and exercise a lot and avoid stress and anxiety.

Qadri further said: Do cupping It is important according to the person’s temperament; Also, in terms of proper nutrition, chicory juice, horse leek juice, use of thistle plant, liverwort, Angbin vinegar solution, pomegranate juice, cherry juice, cherry juice, and fruits that are red in general, such as jujube, are useful for fatty liver.

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12 October 1396 17:48

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