The best time for intimacy

According to a doctor and traditional medicine specialist, the best time for a couple to get married is early at night and about 2 to 3 hours after eating.

Dr. Mohammad Ali Zareian added: In traditional medicine, after food enters the body, two processes of digestion of the stomach and liver are performed. Liver digestion is after gastric digestion and is the best time to start having sex after liver digestion or about 2 to 3 hours after eating.

“Eating dinner in the early hours of the night and even near sunset and having sex 2 to 3 hours later gives spouses enough time for a deep, long sleep and recovery of lost energy, and the best time to have sex,” he said. Marital relations are when the body is in moderation in terms of heat, cold, humidity and constipation to provide arousal without obligation.

According to him, having a marital relationship in a state of hunger is worse than a state of satiety and fullness of the stomach, and as a result, this action is not recommended at all in a state of hunger.

Dr. Zareian, emphasizing that due to physical activity, the absorption of food during sexual intercourse will be more than ever: “We should avoid consuming cold drinks and contact with cold air before and after intercourse and eat a bite.” Fatty and sweet are recommended.

According to this expert, for scientific reasons, marriage will be possible for men once every three days.

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