The best time to inject Botox at this age

Mohammad Javad Nazemi, a dermatologist and hair specialist, in an interview with a reporter from the Health Department of the Medical Scientific Group of the Young Journalists Club; He stated: For the first time, an ophthalmologist from Botox Injectable method for Treatment of blepharospasm (Spasm in the eyelids) used. This ophthalmologist observed in patients who from Botox(Botulinum toxin type A) for Treatment of blephaospasm Used to improve wrinkles on the forehead.

He stated: Botox Caused by muscle paralysis Fix wrinkles It becomes. Following the results of the ophthalmologist’s observations, the use of this substance for cosmetic purposes flourished in the United States and Europe. Of course Botox It also has therapeutic aspects.

This dermatologist talks about applications Botox Added: Neurologists for Treatment of spastic paralysis Painful, ophthalmologists to improve spasms and sometimes orthopedists for Severe muscle spasms They are painful and use Botox. Dermatologists also use this substance for cosmetic purposes.

Nazemi emphasized that Botox can be used even in the treatment of some diseases in children: in the past, it was said that it was used from the age when wrinkles appear on the forehead and around the eyes, but today Botox should be done if these wrinkles cause breakage in the skin.

He added: “People who are accustomed to frowning when talking and reading suffer from wrinkles and frown lines at an early age, which disappears after a few injections of wrinkles in them.”

“Some of the side effects of Botox depend on the dose and some of them depend on the injection site,” said the dermatologist. Drooping eyelids It is one of the most common side effects of Botox, which is why dermatologists should not inject about one centimeter above and in the middle of the eyebrows. The effects of Botox disappear after about four to six months.

Nazemi said: complications caused by injection Botox After a while, they heal on their own. Drooping eyelids It also sometimes happens due to bad luck of the patient and the doctor. In other words, the injection causes Botox to penetrate from under the skin and into the muscle to the middle of the eyebrows and cause drooping eyelids.

“The middle of the eyebrows, forehead and outer sides of the eye are the most common injection sites,” he said Botox Is. Of course, Botox in very small doses can be used to improve wrinkles that occur in the upper and upper lip. It is important to note that the use ofBotox High-dose paralysis of the muscles around the lips and their tilting can make it difficult to speak. Botox It can also be used for the neck area, which requires a special technique, because the use of large amounts of Botox leads to Respiratory paralysis It becomes.

Nazemi emphasized: People should use well-known Botox brands. Botox also helps reduce underarm and palm perspiration, but because the injection is painful in other areas, this method Reduce sweating Not used.

He reminded: Cardiovascular patientsPatients with neuromuscular disorders such as MS and the elderly (over 50 years) should avoid Botox injections.

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