The best time to take vitamins and minerals in pregnancy

Most doctors and nutritionists believe that eating Vitamin And salts can be more absorbed at times or, conversely, combining them with some foods can reduce their effectiveness. Today, even with a complete and correct diet plan, only a percentage of the daily nutritional needs are met, and on the other hand, in conditions such as strict diets, anorexia, nutritional needs correction and consumption during pregnancy. multi vitamineIs necessary. In this article from Dr. Salam, the best time to consume Vitamin We provide you with minerals and salts.

The best time to take vitamins and minerals for better absorption during pregnancy


– After dinner (it is better to absorb it before meals, but it is recommended because of digestive problems after meals)

– Before going to bed (to stay in the body longer)

Increase absorption with vitamin C such as citrus fruits

– 1-2 hours away from tea, coffee and dairy.


– Beginning Complement Vitamin D and calcium deficiency from the first month otherwise from the fourth month

– 1-2 hours away from tea, coffee and dairy.

Preferably not taken the night before bed (water intake and physical activity during the day prevents calcium deposition in the kidneys)

– The best time to consume ComplementCalcium is in the evening: because the body consumes more calcium at night and also because calcium can help sleep.

Complement Take calcium with milk: Eating calcium with milk helps a lot in absorbing calcium, so do not forget to drink a glass of milk at night before going to bed with calcium pills.

Complement Take calcium with plenty of water: Because Complement Calcium causes constipation, so it is best consumed with plenty of water.

امگا ٣

After meals (fatty foods increase its absorption)

Vitamins D, E, K, A.

– After meals (fat-soluble vitamins and fatty foods increase their absorption)


– after the meal

Vitamins B, C

– Usually can be consumed at any time. They are soluble in water.

Take multivitamin tablets (Multiprenatal Nichermid) and the best time to take it

Prenatal multivitamin contains 13 types of vitamins and minerals necessary for pregnancy and it is recommended to be taken from the fourth month of pregnancy until the end.


Eliminates the possibility of brain or spinal cord abnormalities in the fetus and is effective in strengthening the nervous system.

– It is very important in fetal development.

– It is effective in the process of healthy fetal growth.

– It is very important in the health of the bones of mother and baby.

– It is effective in accelerating the growth and development of the fetus and to strengthen the mental powers of the fetus.

– Take one daily with food.

– Taking this drug during breastfeeding is not a problem.

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Source: Dr. Salam

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