The best treatment method for sexual problems from experts

Did you know that removing impotence with natural treatment methods is much more useful and appropriate than drug treatment?

A traditional medicine expert said: Sexual impotence and weakness can be due to brain weakness, which has symptoms such as blurred senses, confused thinking, low libido and lack of pleasure from sexual intimacy. Impotence treatment with food is much better than drug treatment.
According to Tasnim, Seyyed Javad Alavi, an expert in traditional medicine, said about sexual weakness and ways to fix it: Those who are suffering from sexual weakness should be treated by consuming certain foods.
According to him, food items such as peas, beans, carrots or yolks, turnips, onions fried in oil, plant nuts such as pistachios, almonds, chelghuzeh (spruce seeds) and sesame, shrimp and chicken, which should be without antibiotics, should be used.
Alavi added: It is also useful to consume rice with spices such as cumin, milk, horseradish, leek, watercress, artichoke, grapes, banana and coconut.
This traditional medicine expert continued: Some foods such as halim made from a lot of meat, coconut and sugar in the form of kavut and halwa made from starch are also useful for removing low semen.
He stated: Sexual impotence and weakness can be due to brain weakness, which has symptoms such as dullness of senses, confused and busy thinking, stress, slowness in movements, low libido, low sensation of sperm movement, lack of pleasure from sexual intimacy, and the presence of imaginations. At the time of ejaculation and after, there is a history of brain damage caused by trauma or insomnia.
Alavi reminded: If someone has such symptoms, it is better to treat himself with food, because treating impotence with food is much better than treating it with medicine.
This traditional medicine expert pointed out: People whose sexual weakness is caused by brain weakness should prepare pea water with chicken and chickpeas, saffron, cinnamon and cloves and consume it with wheat bread or drained rice. Kete rice is also not suitable for these people.

July 31, 2015 18:53

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