The best tricks for quick makeup

What tricks should we use for quick makeup, what tips should we follow, what tips should we follow for self-makeup, how we can multiply our beauty in the shortest time, read our makeup tricks

A Confession from Bobbi Brown (Professional Makeup Artist): Although I often spend hours on flawless professional makeup for models and actors, I hardly spend more than a few minutes on myself because my beauty routine revolves around products and techniques. that make a major impact with minimal effort.

To help you create a beautiful face with makeup, in this article we will teach you some quick makeup tricks that will not take more than a minute each. The result will definitely be satisfactory.

Prominence of the lips

Everyone wants to have an attractive face. Here is how to achieve this. Apply a cream lipstick that is slightly lighter than your lip color (darker colors make lips appear thinner) and use a lip liner close to the color of the lipstick to line and fill in the lips. By doing this, you will have a long-lasting lipstick with a natural look. To finish, apply some lip gloss to the upper and lower middle parts of the lips.

Eyes and cheeks

Tired, woken-up eyes Before you apply your usual shadow, apply some shimmery white shadow in the corners of your eyes to make the darkness less visible. Take another minute to apply two layers of mascara. This is the fastest trick to relieve your tired eyes.

Having big eyes

Use a darker eyeliner (like black) for the upper lids and a lighter eyeliner (like brown) for the lower part of the eye along the lash line. Be sure to connect the upper and lower eyeliner at the corners of the eyes; This makes the eyes look bigger.

Creating radiance in the skin

After applying makeup, apply some oil-free moisturizing cream on your palm and gently press the excess on the cheeks and forehead. Moisturizers hydrate the skin and make it look younger and give the skin a pure glow.

Red and white skin

Why use a lot of concealer, cream powder and pancakes to remove the redness of the skin when a simple way – using a bronzer powder does the same thing better and faster? Tanners with natural colors such as copper, amber, and red chestnut will wash away the face.

Pearly white teeth

If you want your teeth to look white, pink lipsticks with a blue base are the best choice for you. Unlike yellow base colors, which mostly discolor the teeth and make them look yellow, blue base colors make your smile shine.

Outstanding species score

The secret to having high cheekbones is not to apply a lot of red color on the cheeks with a brush. Spread the blush color up to the hairline so that the color looks natural and uniform on your skin. Then apply light pink color on the apples of the cheeks. For a dramatic effect, apply three dots of shimmery white eyeshadow on top of the cheeks and then blend them gently; Now enjoy having prominent and beautiful cheeks.

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