The best way to express sexual criticism

It may have happened to you that you didn’t like some of your spouse’s behaviors in sex. The best way to solve this problem is to share the problem with your spouse. But how you express this criticism is very important. Sometimes the tone of your expression makes the other party angry with you.

Before you say anything critical of your spouse, answer the following basic questions:

Why am I criticizing? If you don’t have a good and constructive reason. So don’t say anything. Is this the best time and the best place? If not, ask yourself, when and where can I introduce these points that will improve our sexual relationship?
When criticizing, remember to focus on the satisfaction he gives you instead of focusing on what you don’t like about your partner.
Instead of saying, “I don’t like it when you hug me so violently,” say, “I enjoy it more when you caress me gently.” You force you to focus on the details of doing it instead of focusing on feelings and sexual states. When you express your wishes, be careful that the tone of your words is not commanding.
When you imperatively say “caress me gently” the implied meaning is:

“Otherwise, I won’t let you touch me, and in the same way, your request should not create a threat: “If you don’t know how to behave according to my request, I will think otherwise.”
Try not to criticize something that your spouse cannot change. Criticizing physical characteristics such as penis size, breast shape and breasts is cruel criticism, because probably only plastic surgery can change such a situation. Criticizing your spouse’s sexuality is also considered an unproductive criticism.
The materials that sex books and movies exaggerate about sexual relations sometimes make men and women have unrealistic expectations from their spouses.

February 9, 1392 23:23

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