The best way to get rid of bruises

A bruise is a type of dead blood that is caused by various factors such as being hit, suffocation, etc. But you may get bruised at the worst possible time, like days close to the party of relatives or yourself. But what is the right solution at this time to eliminate this dead blood?

: What does hemorrhagic mean in medical terms?

Hemorrhage is actually deep tissue bleeding that has 2 main reasons; Either the person has vascular problems and the vessels are ruptured for some reason and then subcutaneous bleeding occurs, or the person has coagulation disorders and the deep tissues bleed due to minor injuries to the organs.

Some people naturally and genetically have fragile vessels, especially in the legs, and blood accumulates in the legs after standing for a long time and causes rupture of the vessels. In these cases, it is usually small vessels that cause minor bleeding. In these people, the blood coagulates very slowly and slowly, and the person will die of hemorrhaging due to minor injuries.

Sometimes diseases related to the vessel wall or vasculitis other than the inflammation of the vessel wall cause vessel fragility and as a result we see subcutaneous bleeding. Of course, in this situation, we have less blood loss and we see more vascular clots. Of course, sometimes a person doesn’t really have vascular disorders and bleeding occurs after accidents. A clear example is accidental injuries or surgeries that lead to rupture of blood vessels.

: Don’t nutritional deficiencies play a role in this?

Sometimes the lack of some vitamins, especially vitamin c It can cause vascular fragility. In this situation, periodic administration of vitamins c It controls anemia to a great extent.

: Does anemia need treatment?

In cases where there is no specific disease, no special treatment is necessary. In the case of diseases such as hemophilia, the injection of factors that are needed periodically solves the problem. In other diseases, such as vasculitis, relevant treatments can prevent subcutaneous bleeding. In people who have fragile vessels, it may be useful to use varicose stockings that support the skin and vessels from the outside..

: What method can be used to prevent the progression of anemia and increase its extent?

After the impact, ice can be used to keep the position cold so as not to add to the amount of hemorrhage and prevent subcutaneous bleeding. In cases where a small surgery is to be performed locally, for example, in skin injections around the eyes, it is possible to prevent bleeding by placing ice. Of course, there are ointments in the market that help to treat the bleeding caused by surgery faster, but it is not necessary to use them, and the speed of removing the bleeding after using these ointments is not much higher than the normal speed. These drugs contain vasoconstrictor compounds and stop the bleeding process and help absorb the bleeding faster..

: How long does it take for anemia to resolve?

Usually, the bruise does not last more than a few days. In some cases, the death of blood lasts for several weeks, but the proteins in the blood and iron molecules are gradually absorbed. At first, the bruise is dark blue, bluish-red, but the skin of the area gradually becomes dark green and pale green, and then it acquires a yellow tint..

Source: Dr. Salam

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