The biggest mistakes a woman makes during sex

You may think that these things are not very noticeable during sex, but even the smallest points may affect the quality of sex, so be sure to consider these points.

Some women think that role-playing attracts men, but keep in mind that overdoing it will make you look dependent or stupid.

1- Incorrect movements

Seductive texts and revealing clothes can make men sensual in books and movies, but what about in real life? “Men are never turned on by women who spend most of their time in front of the mirror wearing sexy clothes,” says Dr. Cami Balk. Even the subtle signals you expect from your husband can turn off his libido.”

2- Too much makeup

Men are fascinated by dignified and pure women. Excessive use of cosmetics will make you finally hear this sentence from your wife: “Why are you hiding under all this makeup?” Dr. Balk says that the nature of men is such that they like the natural type more. A good taste will attract them and on the contrary excess will drive them away.

3- Timing for sex

Using lustful messages can multiply your husband’s heart rate; But setting the time for flirting will put a lot of pressure on him. Dr. Jane Greer, a specialist in marital relations and host of a radio show, says: “Messages like (I’m waiting for you to come home) or (I’m yours after yoga class) make flirting predictable. be; This can destroy a man’s excitement. Although timing will give you more flirting time, remember to keep the exact time a secret. Try to make your texts and messages less detailed, such as: ((I’m looking for an opportunity to be with you as soon as possible)) or ((How can we drop the baby at my mom’s house sometimes?))

4- Turn off the lights

There must be a reason why men love to watch football matches in high quality. According to Dr. Greer, these creatures are highly visual creatures and are fascinated to see as much as possible while courting. Insisting on having sex in a dark environment can make the man in your life think that you care more about your appearance than how he makes you feel. The same uncertainty falls on his manly head in the bedroom. If you are not comfortable with lighting, flirt in a dimly lit room or with a few candles.

5- Pretending to orgasm

It is true that it is not easy for women to reach the peak of sexual pleasure. In fact, the average orgasm time of women is 20 minutes, and who always has that much time? Dr. Greer says, “Most women think they have to satisfy their husbands to prove their masculinity, but men recognize the pretense in this case.” If a man feels that you are lying to him in the most intimate moments, he will have doubts about his existential value; So show him when he excites you, but if you are not satisfied, don’t simulate a cinematic ending.”

6- Playing the role of a weak and fragile maiden

Some women think that role-playing attracts men, but keep in mind that overdoing it will make you look dependent or stupid. No man wants to nurse a childish woman. According to Dr. Balk, men find smarter women more attractive. If needed, let him help you with complicated tasks or repairing the sink, because men like to solve problems; But if you can solve a problem yourself, it’s better to go for it.

7- Directing the courtship scene

There’s a difference between being bold and completely controlling the bedroom. Dr. Schwartz says: “You should not make your wife feel helpless or constantly control her dos and don’ts; It is enough to show him only the pleasant moment in flirting. In the flirtation of the boss Mabi, the score is not so high. Instead of controlling his movements, open your mouth when you are enjoying what your wife is doing, or remind her that a part of your body has experienced indescribable pleasure in the past. Men prefer to discover the right areas themselves, rather than you telling them which area is exactly what you are looking for.”

July 5, 2013 23:32

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