The connection between morning headaches and stroke

– The scientific secretary of the International Congress of Neurology and Clinical Electrophysiology of Iran said: “Morning headaches and those that last more than 72 hours should be taken seriously and also the arbitrary use of migraine drugs should be avoided because it can cause stroke.”

Dr. Seyed Amir Hassan Habibi stated in the opening of this congress: Primary headaches are headaches that have no specific cause, but secondary headaches have a specific cause such as cerebral hemorrhage, brain tumors and brain infections, and secondary headaches are the cause of a disease.
Regarding dangerous headaches, he said: “Morning headaches or headaches that have a red flag sign, that is, the person vomits first and then the headache starts and one side of the body becomes weak, or the headache pattern changes or is accompanied by diplopia; it is dangerous;” Of course, headaches in the elderly are also dangerous headaches.
The scientific secretary of the International Congress of Clinical Neurology and Electrophysiology of Iran clarified about the types of migraines: We have two types of migraines, the first type is without pre-existing, ie the onset of headache without signs and symptoms, and the second type with pre-existing, ie the person before the onset of headache It is accompanied by symptoms such as dizziness, a specific odor, seeing a spark, and then the headache begins.
Asked what migraines are dangerous, Habibi said: “Migraines that last longer than the usual process, ie more than 72 hours, and the headache is complicated and lasts more than 14 days despite treatment, are dangerous and should be taken seriously.” .
“Migraine drugs are dangerous and people should refrain from taking them arbitrarily,” he said.
The drug specialist added: “Medications relieve pain immediately, but it should be noted that they reduce the chances of blood supply to the brain, and the more dangerous the migraine, the more medications it takes, and migraines are usually above 95 to 98%.” it’s not dangerous.
Habibi stated: One of the mechanisms of migraine is that the cerebral artery narrows and if the patient takes a drug that narrows the cerebral artery, the risk of stroke increases; Therefore, the choice of medication and at what age it should not be used, especially in pre-existing migraines, is very important.
“Headache is one of the symptoms of brain tumors, but it cannot be said that everyone who gets a headache and a migraine is prone to a brain tumor,” he said.
The 24th International Congress of Neurology and Electrophysiology of Iran is being held from 12 to 15 May in the presence of domestic and foreign professors and experts at the Olympic Hotel.

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