The cost of obesity in the world is very high

Obesity and smoking are the main causes of cancer, heart attack, stroke and diabetes worldwide. In this article from Hi doctor We have prepared information about diseases caused by obesity and smoking. We suggest that you read this article and do not miss it. Join us.

If no action is taken to counter the rapidly growing obesity epidemic, the cost of treating weight gain diseases worldwide will be $ 1.2 trillion annually by 2025. Obesity and smoking are the two main factors increasing the number of cases Cancer, Heart attack, stroke and Diabetes There are all over the world that together form a collection of non-communicable diseases. These diseases are the leading cause of death in the modern world.

Among other countries, the United States has the highest cost of treatment, rising from $ 325 billion annually in 2014 to $ 555 billion in just eight years, in part due to rising medical spending. Also, all countries will see a steep slope in increasing the above costs, which for many of them is unpaid.

In the UK, this cost will increase from $ 19 billion to $ 31 billion in 2025. Over the next eight years, the United States will spend $ 4.2 trillion, Germany $ 390 billion, Brazil $ 251 billion and Britain $ 237 billion, according to experts.

Source: Healing Online

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