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The Dangers of The 5G Wireless Network and What You Can Do

Nearly everybody loves
the ability to have information readily available at their fingertips. Cell
phones allow people to navigate unfamiliar city streets, transfer money
instantly between different accounts, access news, update social media profiles
and even complete work on the go. In the past two decades, cell phones have
evolved from flip toys enjoyed primarily by the elite into tools nearly anyone,
including children, use in our day-to-day lives.

But how many of us
have questioned what continuous exposure to Wi-Fi networks has on our health?
Recent scientific evidence suggests a link between exposure to microwave
radiation from Wi-Fi networks and an increased risk of certain cancers and
chronic pain conditions. Additionally, human desire for faster internet harms
both animals and the environment.

5G and Human Health

According to the World
Health Organization, exposure to radiofrequency radiation (RFR) such as that
utilized by 5G Wi-Fi may increase the risk of developing certain brain cancers.
RFR possesses the power to alter the structure of our DNA, causing cancer when
cells begin to multiply out of control.

Furthermore, exposure to RFR disrupts cell and glucose metabolism, increases permeability of the blood-brain barrier, changes oxidation levels leading to premature cell aging and creates stress proteins which may lead to the development of many chronic pain conditions [1]. When cellular metabolism changes, energy levels plummet, leaving people feeling tired, irritable and unable to concentrate.

Excessive cell phone
use leads to visual impairment due to constantly straining the eyes to read
tiny print on cell phone pages. Furthermore, behaviors such as taking cell
phones into public restrooms ensure that your new Samsung Galaxy will be covered
in more germs than the average toilet seat. These germs transfer to the hands
of anyone using the phone, spreading infectious diseases.

Those often holding their phones between their shoulder and ear often develop disorders in their cervical vertebrae from this unnatural positioning. Some research indicates that radiation from cell phones may cause or exacerbate headaches, so those suffering from migraine disease do well to avoid constant cell phone use. Other research implicates excessive RFR exposure as a potential cause of Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, high blood pressure and even male infertility [2].

Finally, ceaseless
exposure to RFR due to smart phone and wireless internet use interrupts immune
system function, making people more susceptible to contagious diseases.
Constant exposure to RFR by expectant mothers may lead to birth defects, so
pregnant women do their baby-to-be a service by unplugging as much as possible.

Cell Phones and Mental Health

In addition to harming
our physical health, excessive exposure to RFR harms one’s mental health as
well. Those suffering from cell phone addiction often develop acute anxiety
should they forget or lose their phone. Cell phone addicts often neglect in-person
interactions, which can shatter seemingly rock-solid relationships. Others even
find their career prospects stymied due to their inability to leave their
phones in their desks while on the clock.

Those who fail to power down their phones or at least set them on “Do Not Disturb” during sleeping hours risk developing insomnia. Sixty-one percent of people now sleep with their phones turned on and by their bed [3]. This means we could easily be looking at future populations that are much more sleep deprived than ever before. Indeed, millennials — the first generation to be exposed to cell phone technology during young and formative ages — have some of the worst sleep habits of any generation yet [4].

Even when cell phone
alerts do not wake people entirely, they nevertheless cause interruptions of
normal sleep cycles. Those who experience difficulty sleeping often turn to
their phone to alleviate the tedium of tossing and turning, creating a vicious
cycle of insomnia and exhaustion.

Continual exposure to
cell phone alerts creates an enormous amount of stress for many. Those who
utilize their cell phones for work purposes may feel as if they’re constantly
on the clock. Others suffering from a fear of missing out actually do
themselves a disservice by constantly checking alerts as time spent virtually
on the phone could better be used to make real-life memories.

The Impact of 5G on Animals and the Environment

While much research revolves around how exposure to RFR affects human beings, animals and the environment also suffer due to our need for connection speed. Cell phone towers already dot the landscape, obscuring nature’s beauty with harsh metallic lines. The push for constantly faster internet and cell phone processing speeds means erecting many more towers to the point where they become as ubiquitous as street lights and stop signs [5].

Constructing cell
phone towers also increases exposure to RFR even when individuals religiously
turn off routers and cell phones when not in use. Those seeking to truly unwind
and unplug may soon find it impossible to go off the grid even temporarily as
the demand for cell phones means towers spreading into formerly untouched

Sadly, cell phone towers threaten bird species. Many birds choose to nest in the towers, exposing bird eggs and embryos to an incredible level of radiation. Entire avian species risk extinction due to human beings’ insistence on constant connection [6].

Research into how
exposure to radiation impacts humans causes scientists to perform inhumane
testing on animals [7].
Countless lab animals experience death or permanent disfigurement due to
radiation testing.

Exposure to cell phone
radiation causes mutations in the cells of animals and plants alike. Little
remains known about how the consumption of plants that have been genetically
modified by radiation exposure impacts human health. However, as the 5G roll
out continues to expand, even organically grown crops may suffer the impact of

Minimizing the Damage

Barring a massive
human health disaster, progress will likely continue with more cell phone
towers built and ever-increasing exposure to radiation from Wi-Fi hot spots.
What precautions can individuals take to minimize their risk of suffering
adverse health outcomes due to RFR exposure?

First and foremost,
unplug whenever possible. Turn off cell phones, modems and routers during
sleeping hours. If remembering to shut everything down a night grows
cumbersome, install timers on those outlets powering modems and routers and set
up automatic Do-Not-Disturb hours in cell phone settings.

When attending routine
doctor’s visits, inform physicians about levels of radiation exposure and
inquire about their potential impact on health. Make sure to make and keep
annual eye exams as well to counteract visual challenges due to screen time

Designate one day per
week as an electronics-free day. Devote this day to participating in
recreational activities with friends and family face to face instead of over

Finally, those who
find it impossible to ever unplug should seek the help of a therapist trained
in breaking technology addiction. Both inpatient and outpatient counseling
programs can make powering down less intimidating.

While technological
progress may make it impossible to eliminate exposure to radiation from Wi-Fi
fully, utilizing technology wisely and in moderation helps prevent negative
physical and mental health outcomes. Practicing intelligent technological
exposure minimizes the chances of constant virtual Wi-Fi usage ruining real
life health.

dangers of 5g wireless network

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