The difference between dango fever and malaria fever

To Proper treatmentThe correct diagnosis of the disease is very important. The difference between Dong fever and Fever Malaria Must be understood. Here are some signs that will help you diagnose dengue fever and malaria

Dang: Dang By Mosquito bites Aedes aegypti Infected Is transferred. It is contagious This پشه Dengue fever Usually During the day to humans Attacks.

Malaria: Malaria By Mosquito bites Anofel Female Is created. Unlike Dengue fever پشه Malaria Usually during the night Attacks.

Dang: signs Dang 4-5 days after Pollution Appears.

Malaria: Malaria signs 10-15 The day after sting Appears.

Dang: Fever Patient Suddenly and For a long time remains. Usually With severe headache And pain The bone is attached. Dengue fever It will fall soon But usually With skin itching Reappear Becomes

Malaria: Malaria Fever را Keeps and Signs As joint’s painNausea, vomiting, sweating, anemia Etc Malaria Usually with Trembling, Heat And sweating.

Dang: Dang Can be Completely Through a process Chemical Examined. دو The test is that Detects dengue fever test Antigen And test anti Are the body.

Malaria: Malaria by Tests Microscopic Images From this virus Examines

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