The direct effect of sex on people’s lifespan

Sexuality has a tremendous impact on our health and improving our quality of life, both psychologically and physically!

Below are the benefits of sex:

1- Improving the sense of smell: Prolactin hormone secretion increases after sex. This hormone causes brain stem cells to create new neurons in the olfactory bulb of the brain. (This improvement in the sense of smell can also be observed in women during breastfeeding)

2- Reducing the risk of heart diseases: Having sex more than 3 times a week reduces the risk of heart diseases in men by half. Sex also reduces bad cholesterol in the blood.

3- Weight loss and fitness: Sex is a type of physical activity. A hot sex session burns 200 calories, which is equivalent to 15 minutes of jogging on the treadmill (two constants). The heart rate of a sexually aroused person increases from 70 times per minute to 150 times per minute. Contractions during sexual intercourse exercise and involve the muscles of the pelvis, thighs, hips, arms, neck and chest.

Men’s seminal plasma contains hormones that stimulate thyroid glands, which can increase basal metabolism in women and reduce their weight.

4- Sex increases the production of testosterone hormone: this hormone makes muscles and bones stronger.

5- Reduction of depression: Women who are sexually active and their sexual partners do not use condoms are less prone to depression. The prostaglandin hormone present in men’s semen is absorbed by the female reproductive system and causes the modulation of female hormones. Men’s semen contains estrogen and progesterone hormones, both of which are effective in improving mood. Women who are exposed to their husbands’ semen (sex without condoms) are happier. (Of course, unwanted pregnancy and not contracting sexually transmitted diseases should be a priority)

6- Pain relief: Just before orgasm (the peak of sexual pleasure), the level of the hormone oxytocin increases to 5 times the normal level. This hormone causes the release of endorphins (the body’s natural pain reliever) and relieves any pain. Sex also causes the release of the hormone estrogen, which can reduce menstrual pain.

7- Fewer colds: People who have sex 1-2 times a week, the level of immunoglobulin A antibody in their body is 30% higher. This strengthens the immune system.

8- Better bladder control: Kegel exercises are natural during sexual intercourse and strengthen the bladder muscles.

9- Healthier teeth: Seminal plasma (absorbed from vaginal mucus) contains zinc, calcium and other minerals that prevent tooth decay. Also, the etiquette of having sex requires two sexual partners to observe the basic principles of hygiene, including brushing teeth.

10- Prostate health: Some urologists believe in the relationship between the number of ejaculations and prostate cancer. To produce seminal fluid of the prostate and seminal vesicles, substances such as zinc, citric acid and potassium are taken from the blood and concentrated up to 600 times. In the meantime, any carcinogen present in the blood may be concentrated and accumulated in the prostate along with these substances. Sex and frequent ejaculation can prevent the accumulation of carcinogens in the prostate gland. Of course, it has been proven that having sex with several sexual partners can increase prostate cancer in men by 40%. (due to the increased risk of sexually transmitted diseases)

11- Excessive sex is safe for women: sex tightens the muscles of the abdomen and hips and improves the erect structure in women. Of course, provided that there is no news of sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancy and any stress

. Postmenopausal women who refuse sex may experience vaginal atrophy and painful intercourse. All the hormones that menopausal women need can be obtained through healthy sex with their husbands. (Sex without a condom)

12- But excessive sex can be troublesome for men: the male penis may suffer from scratches or skin irritation. Also, during long-term violent sex, the tissue of the male penis can be damaged. The relaxation of the penis after erection and ejaculation is not without reason. During an erection, a man’s penis is filled with blood. But after that, blood no longer flows in the penis.

In order to reabsorb oxygen, the penis muscles must be relaxed. If you do not allow the penis to relax and rest, you have deprived the muscles of the penis from receiving enough oxygen. In priapism, in which permanent erection occurs, the penis may undergo cell death. Therefore, priapism is considered a medical emergency.

13- Increased blood flow: sexual intercourse increases blood flow to the brain and other body parts. Therefore, more oxygen and nutrients reach the organs of the body and waste materials are removed from the body faster.

14- Life expectancy increase: the death rate of people who orgasm twice a week is half of those who experience orgasm only once a month.

15- Sex increases the level of estrogen hormone in women: this hormone makes the vagina more flexible and slippery and protects women against heart diseases.

16- Sex is very effective in reducing stress and anxiety: Also, sex improves the quality of sleep.

17- Sex is a healing and healing relationship if it is accompanied by love: if you have someone who cares for you and loves you, and you care for him and love him in return, emotionally and physically with Be close to each other, then you will be 3-5 times less at risk of premature death or contracting various diseases. Part of it is because of the positive effects of touch. Hugging and cuddling changes your body chemistry.

18- Healthy sex and increasing self-confidence and self-esteem of women and men: this point can have a significant impact on the mental health of people (especially men).

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