The effect of diet on the treatment of asthma

The type of food is effective in treating asthma. Substances that cause phlegm production should be removed from food plans. In the effective structure of a person’s health, the type of symptoms appropriate to physical activity should be used. Physical effort helps to eliminate waste products through the digestive system and keeps the body in a state of balance. However, we already mentioned that the system is disturbed in an asthmatic patient. First, the balance of this system should be established, then it should be strengthened.

In the beginning, it is better to choose a moderate diet based on the way we live and continue this situation. When it is felt that the physical health has returned, it becomes possible to change the diet. This type of diet allows us to find out more about the role of food. Because the effects of each diet change allow us to understand more the role of the influence of food. Because the changes of each diet will be very clear with order. Our habits indicate whether we are healthy or ready to suffer from asthma.

The best diet for an asthma patient is a vegetarian diet using fresh vegetables. Food should not be fried. It is permissible to use fresh honey fruits of edible plants.



Some foods should be avoided:

Foods that grow in strong winds such as squash, cabbage, lentils

Starchy ingredients such as rice, bakery bread (especially white bread and sandwich bread)

Artificially prepared seasoned foods.

The white sugar content of Naan Shirmal cake and its products is similar to yogurt cheese butter

fried food

In the winter months, the presence of cold, the secretion of lung mucus is more than usual, the suggestions given about foods are more of a guide, it is not advisable to be strongly dependent on the diet, so that eating a favorite food by chance is fine if it is stated not to consume it, but What is important is the quantity and quality of daily food.

June 13, 2014 17:45

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