The effect of healthy liver on skin beauty

For more beautiful skin, try to take care of your liver, because these two are directly related to each other. Try to pay more attention to its function and maintaining its health. In general, if you want healthy and fresh skin, find your liver.

It is best to never underestimate your liver. The liver is one of the largest and most important internal organs of the body.

Weighing between one and one and a half kilograms, this organ performs 500 different vital tasks. The functions of this important organ include a wide range of macronutrient metabolism, namely sugars, fats and proteins, storage of various minerals and vitamins.

The production of bile for the digestion of fats and the neutralization of ammonia, which is a very toxic and harmful substance, are other functions of the liver. You are somewhat familiar with the key role of this member. There are many different types of liver disease, the most common of which are hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, fatty liver, and bile duct obstruction. Each of these diseases can leave symptoms on the skin. Then Dr. Saeed Sanei, phytotherapy consultant in this field will explain more.

Liver dysfunction is prohibited

If the liver fails in one of its functions (energy supply, medication needs, excretion of toxins, etc.), various diseases may occur. For example, after eating meat, uric acid is released in the body; The liver’s job is to convert about 95% of it into urea to be excreted by the kidneys, but if for any reason the liver fails to do so, large amounts of uric acid enter the bloodstream and the person is exposed to gout or uric acid stones. It is formed in his body.

The liver may not have a histological or physiological problem, but the slightest defect in its function can have dangerous consequences for the individual. Therefore, it is recommended to try to maintain the health of this part of the body. In general, liver disease can be associated with some skin complications in patients. In the case of hormones, fat metabolism and cholesterol, if the liver does not function properly, the consequences can spread to the skin and cause acne and pimples.

Cirrhosis of the liver (a medical term used to describe the gradual destruction of the liver as a result of chronic damage to this organ) can also cause a number of skin problems in people.

Why do cirrhotic patients turn black?

People with cirrhosis have dark, blackened skin due to blood burns, but how does the blood burn? Viral infections such as hepatitis B and C actively reproduce and destroy liver cells due to a weakened immune system.

From the destruction of liver cells, toxins are released that can also disrupt the blood. These disorders cause the blood to suffocate and darken, which is called burnt blood. Darkening of the blood builds up on the skin over time, resulting in darkening of the skin in these people.

Why does the liver become fatty?

You have often heard it said that a person has a fatty liver, but have you ever wondered what this fat means? When saturated fats (the worst type of fat), such as palm oil found in vegetable oils, are added to a person’s diet, we have to wait for the consequences. These fats eventually block the capillaries that supply blood to the liver cells; As a result, the liver cells become anemic and then die, and these cells are replaced by fats.

After this process, it can be said that the liver is fatty, which of course has different types (type 1, type 2, type 3 and type 4 liver). Liver fat does not have much effect on the skin, it may just occasionally cause swelling and opening of the skin pores.

Be careful not to connect your bile

Bile secretion is one of the most important functions of the liver, which plays a very important role in cleansing the liver and absorbing dietary fat from the intestine. Bile enters the gallbladder through the bile ducts and from there enters the pancreas and small intestine. But the slightest disturbance in the movement of bile may increase the level of bile in the bloodstream. For this reason, if you experience yellowing of the skin and yellowing of the eyes (whites of the eyes), know that there is a disorder in your bile duct.

Another symptom is widespread and severe itching of the skin. If this problem is not diagnosed and treated in time, this yellowing of the skin will change its shape and color over time and will lead to dullness and blemishes. Some men and women may have encountered these dark spots more on the skin of the chest and scapula, which is the cause of this problem.

Where do pregnancy spots come from?

So far we have mentioned liver dysfunction, but some factors such as birth control pills or pregnancy may also have bad effects on the liver; Hormonal changes during pregnancy and taking birth control pills that are hormonal put extra strain on the liver.

These pressures create deposits that block the secretion of bile; This can cause blemishes to appear on the skin over time. For this reason, some women may experience these spots during pregnancy.

Do not forget proper nutrition!

Liver disease in medicine is about 14,000 pages, some of the most important of which you are somewhat familiar with, but what can we do to prevent our liver from having problems ?! The first thing to consider is proper nutrition. Because the liver is not able to eliminate all toxins from the body, some foods are not easily digested and broken down and will cause liver problems.

Avoid eating these foods

It is recommended that you avoid high-fat fried foods or high-fat foods.

• Some foods are not compatible with each other, so it is best not to eat them together. For example, yogurt should not be eaten with eggs; A mistake many people make. Even eating yogurt with pickles as well as eggs with pickles is not recommended. The liver expends a lot of energy to digest and analyze these substances, but eventually some waste products may enter the liver and then into the bloodstream, causing skin blemishes.

• It is best to throw away salty cheeses or cheeses that have been refrigerated for a long time and do not eat them.

Very sweet foods and sweets in general should be excluded from the diet.

People who do not have anemia should avoid eating pistachios, which cause the blood to thicken.

• It is better to eat pistachios with pomegranate juice.

Some beef and camel meats are not recommended for high consumption – old animals – because they dilute the blood.

It is recommended that if a person has a warm temper, after eating camel meat, eat pomegranate juice, lettuce or parsley to neutralize his hot temper. Beef is cold and it is better to eat garlic, thyme. After that. Beef should not be eaten with yogurt because it makes the liver fat.

Editions of Bu Ali Sina

Version 1: Choose a large cucumber and take out the cucumber core, then pour it into the blender. Add one or two carrots and mix thoroughly with some parsley. Then add a little lemon juice to the concoction. It is recommended to drink this potion one day between fasts. After a while, you will notice that your skin is clearer and fresher than before.

Second version: If you have dry and rough skin and it restores its freshness, it is better to look for a natural potion. To make this cream, it is enough to select 10 sweet raw almonds and pour them with water and honey in the mixer. Then add a few drops (between 5 to 7 drops) of lemon juice. It is better to drink this potion every other day. Eat cucumber and carrot concoction one day and almond juice the next. You will feel the skin difference after the announced period.

Third version: Put 7 to 8 seedless blueberries in your mouth and chew well. Drink a glass of watermelon juice immediately after swallowing blueberries. This instruction helps to make the skin soft and clear. Of course, it is better to do this in the evenings.

Topical method: Pour the beer in a glass and add 2 tablespoons of medical alcohol. If you have a vitamin C effervescent tablet, add it or add a few drops of lemon juice instead. Pour this homemade potion on the skin and massage the skin. After a few minutes, wash your body with water.

This method helps to soften your skin like baby skin. It also helps to vitaminize the skin. However, due to the presence of white alcohol in it, it is recommended to be careful not to spill it inside your eyes. Green apple

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