The effect of high temperature on carcinogenicity of meat food

Did you know that by over-frying meat, you make it contain carcinogenic substances? High temperature and heat when cooking meat can turn it into a cancerous food. Intestinal cancer occurs with such foods in the body!!

New research has shown that cooking meat at high temperatures, whether grilled or in a pan, increases the risk of kidney cancer.

Last week, the World Health Organization warned that processed meats, including sausages, sausages, hot dogs, etc., can increase the risk of colon cancer.
New research has focused on kidney cancer, which is now on the rise in developed countries.
This research and other similar researches want to say that the method of cooking meat can affect the risk of kidney cancer.
Reducing the cooking time of meat by raising the temperature or placing it directly on the fire will cause burning, smoking, or charring of the meat. When meat is cooked in this way, certain carcinogens are released, some of which are linked to kidney cancer.
In this research, evidence was presented that showed that cooking meat at high temperatures increases the risk of kidney cancer, especially in people who have certain genetic mutations.
Although the focus of the research was to show the method of cooking meat and kidney cancer, but this risk does not only include the kidneys, for this work, more extensive research is needed.
Past research has also shown that diets high in meat, starch and processed meats increase the risk of cancer.
To conduct this research, the researchers compared the information of 650 people with kidney cancer with the information of 700 people who did not have kidney cancer.
In the food questionnaire that was given to these people, not only the amount of meat consumed was asked, but also questions were asked about the method of cooking meat and the amount of heat used when cooking meat.
Researchers found that patients with kidney cancer consumed more red and white meat than others. Also, these people mostly cooked meat with high temperature or direct contact with fire.
Research has shown that two chemical compounds that are released due to high heat increase kidney cancer by 50%.

21 November 2014 22:44

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