The effect of tattoos on human health

Tattooing causes the transmission of diseases, if the tattoo needle is not sterilized or is used multiple times, it causes the transmission of diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis b and c from the hairdresser to the client or from the clients to each other.

types of tattoos
– Simple tattoo

This type of tattooing is mostly done in the same traditional and old way of the past, during which non-professionals and sometimes the people themselves and their friends and neighbors introduce ink, ash or animal fat under the skin with needles, charcoal and other Other strange devices are performed in completely unhygienic and unartistic conditions and have a very high risk of infection.

Cultural tattoo

This type of tattoo is done with the same traditional methods on the body of some special groups or religious sects and even with members of a special group or tribe. This tattoo may be done during a social ceremony.

Professional tattoo

Professional tattooing is done by artists and skilled people and by tattoo machines known as “tattoo guns”. And many artists and art lovers use this type of tattoo, of course art friends who are fed up with their lives!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beautiful tattoo

This type of tattoo may also be known as permanent makeup. It is mostly done on the eyes, lips, eyebrows and cheeks as eyeliner, lip liner, etc. Of course, this type of tattoo needs to be renewed after some time because it fades.

Medical tattoos
Medical tattoos are not decorative but used for medical reasons.

– Patients with special medical conditions and chronic diseases such as diabetes, epilepsy, etc. may use this type of tattoo to alert medical care workers in case of an emergency.

– Another example is when it is necessary to repeat a specific treatment in one point of the body several times (radiotherapy), so that specific point is marked with a tattoo.

– Some people may also use tattoos to represent nipples after breast surgery.

tattoo after the accidentPTSD)
This type of tattoo happens accidentally during the occurrence of accidents for a person without the person’s will, for example, due to an accident such as riding a bicycle or an accident or anything else, dirt or other colored substances entered the skin and something like a tattoo in A person’s body is created. Like the image below that was created on a person’s face.

What is a temporary tattoo?
Many people like to have designs similar to tattoos on their body, but for whatever reason, they do not want to do a permanent tattoo. These people use tattoo designs that are ready in the form of stickers. These tags remain on the skin for some time and can be removed after that.

Why tattoo?
There are various reasons why people tend to get tattoos. Some do it to show their individuality, courage and uniqueness or to be a member of a certain group, but still people do not have a good view of those who use tattoos. .

Safe tattoo
If you have to use a tattoo for any reason, it is better to first follow its safety tips to minimize the risks.

Choose a suitable place
Before you decide to get a tattoo, you should note that tattooing is considered a risky job because during it the natural structure of the skin is destroyed and contact with blood and body fluids is established. is looking for Therefore, the person and the place where the tattoo is done must comply with the complete health and safety conditions. (One tip on how to ensure that hygiene is followed in any place is to visit the bathroom and toilet there. If it is dirty and contaminated, leave immediately!)

Finally, check the person’s business credentials to make sure he has the expertise and license to do this.

Safety tips for tattooing:
– Do not consume alcohol, drugs or drugs the night before tattooing.

– If you are currently sick, postpone the time of tattooing.

– Make sure they use disposable and sterile tattoo needles.

– Make sure that the desired tattoo place has facilities for disinfecting and sterilizing its equipment.

– Take care of the health behaviors of the tattoo artist. (washing hands, sterile gloves, disposable items, etc.)

– Make sure the tattoo place (studio or doctor’s office) is clean.

– Ask the person for the specifications of the color materials used (type, manufacturer, etc.).

– Follow the care recommendations exactly after tattooing.

– Make sure you are not allergic to the ingredients used.

Possible risks after tattooing

– Types of infections (AIDS, hepatitis, staphylococcal infection, deep skin cellulitis,…)

– Allergic reactions and skin sensitivity: Some people are allergic to tattoo materials and colors and experience symptoms of local inflammation and sensitivity in the tattoo site or the whole body.

Tattoo removal technique
There are three main ways to remove a tattoo:
– Surgery (skin removal with a scalpel)
– Use of laser
– Use of chemical substances and drugs for exfoliation.

Note that it is not always possible to remove and fix the tattoo. Sometimes this is accompanied by infection or allergy. Even in temporary tattoos (using paint and painting), there is a possibility of allergic reactions, so consider all these aspects before tattooing.

Complications of tattooing
AIDS, hepatitis, colic, regret and nothing else.

In other countries, tattooing is usually done by professionals who have a tattooing certificate, but if you look at the requirements of one of the widely circulated newspapers, you will come to the conclusion that in our country, any barber shop from Jordan to Shahreri can do tattooing. Various parts of the face and body have been advertised, which many of them do not have permission to do.

A tattoo doesn’t even have a specific price; For example, a hair salon in Jordan announces the price of 200 thousand tomans for each part, and a hair salon in the city center charges 35 thousand tomans for each part.

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