The effect of youth gels has not been confirmed

According to Dr. Salam medical magazine;
Currently, there is no gel available with permanent skin rejuvenation effects that has been confirmed by scientific reference.

Dr. Hossein Tabatabayi, dermatologist and beauty expert and professor at Tehran University of Medical Sciences, said in an interview with Isna: “Car and stressful life, excessive use of sun, improper nutrition, physical inactivity, smoking, chronic physical diseases, and most importantly inheritance, cause aging.” It becomes a face early.

He pointed out: Skin health education from childhood helps to prevent premature aging of the skin.

Regarding practical treatments for skin rejuvenation, he said: From the point of view of treatment, rejuvenation by using creams containing collagen-forming substances and providing skin moisture and using sunscreen creams partially prevents the formation of skin wrinkles.

Regarding the second method of gene cloud and gene cloud microderm, he said: This method was used until the last decade when rejuvenation lasers and radio frequency rays entered the world of beauty and treating wrinkles and skin laxity.

Dr. Tabatabayi emphasized: Radiofrequency or RF radiation and Ablation and Non-A BLATION lasers are the most effective rejuvenation methods, and new types of them with better effects and fewer side effects were gradually created, and among the types of lasers, the FRAXiaL type with minimal side effects provides patients’ satisfaction. makes

Regarding the need to repeat this method, he said: it should be repeated at least 5-6 times with intervals of 1-2 months, and after that it should be extended once every 6-12 months in order to keep the effects of collagen formation active, in cases where the hole or facial depressions cannot be repaired with the above methods, fillers or filling gels are used, gels with temporary effects of about one year, if possible side effects appear, it will be temporary.

Dr. Tabatabayi emphasized: Currently, there is no gel with permanent effects that has been confirmed by competent scientific authorities.

Regarding the use of lipofilling method, he said: In this method, the fat of the patient’s own skin is injected into the deep areas and permanent facial wrinkles, which is a very effective method, and since the fat of the patient’s own skin is used, therefore, the side effects of the reaction in It is not caused by foreign bodies, this method is difficult, the doctor must have received special training in using this method, and this work must be done in a suitable and equipped operating room.

19 April 1391 10:00

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