The effects of having sex for heart patients

Having healthy sex is very beneficial for the health of the body and has many effects on the better functioning of body parts. One of the most important benefits of sex is its effect on heart function, according to research conducted by cardiologists and sex counselors in January 2012. A statement was published in this regard.

The head of this study group and a professor at the Texas Medical School said: sexual activity is one of the basic criteria in the quality of life of men and women with cardiovascular diseases and their sexual partners, but unfortunately, discussion and education about this issue is rarely Meetings and clinical consultations of patients are carried out.

Paying attention to the sexual activity of a heart patient is one of the important points in his treatment, because the decrease in sexual activity leads to anxiety and depression of the patient. The fact is that sexual activity does not put so much pressure on the heart that it leads to problems in heart patients. Therefore, the probability of cardiovascular events caused by sexual intercourse is very low in patients.


Experts believe that some patients should delay their sexual activity until these relationships are deemed safe for them. In some others, the type of sexual activity should be changed until they reach a stable and stable state.


In the statement of the American Heart Association, there are recommendations regarding the sexual activity of heart patients, which include:


– After the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases, doctors should fully evaluate the patient’s condition before resuming their sexual activity.

Cardiac rehabilitation and regular physical activity reduce the risk of cardiovascular disorders related to sexual activity in patients with heart failure or heart attack.

– Women suffering from cardiovascular disease should be informed about pregnancy and choosing a method of prevention according to their condition.

– Patients with severe cardiovascular diseases who show symptoms during light activity or even rest, should avoid sexual intercourse until proper treatment is done for them and their symptoms are controlled.

– If a patient’s sexual dysfunction is observed, it should be determined which of the factors such as heart disease, vascular disease, anxiety, etc. is related to this problem.

Medicines prescribed to improve the patient’s cardiovascular symptoms should not be stopped due to concerns about their effect on the patient’s sexual function.

– Erectile dysfunction drugs are usually safe and harmless for healthy men. However, the use of these drugs is prohibited for patients who are treated with nitrates to improve chest pain in coronary artery disease (blockage of the arteries supplying blood to the heart), and nitrates should not be administered to patients who have had heartburn in the past 24 to 48 hours. If you have used drugs for erectile dysfunction, avoid it.

– It is better for postmenopausal women with cardiovascular diseases to use topical or vaginal estrogen to treat painful intercourse.

The goal of these specialists is to reassure heart patients not to worry about their sexual activity and that they can have safe sex according to their disease conditions and with the guidance of a doctor. Only in acute and severe cardiac disorders, the patient’s sexual activity requires caution and special care.


Since sexual intercourse is associated with physical activity, the patient can enjoy safe and safe sexual activity taking into account the conditions of his illness and does not need to exclude sexual intercourse.

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