The effects of vitamin E on improving sexual performance

If you want to have a good sexual performance, it is better to pay more attention to getting some vitamins, including vitamin E. It will be possible to improve our sexual performance by using some foods. We will let you stay with us.

Sexual endurance without strong blood circulation has no meaning at all. Therefore, nutrition based on a diet containing soluble fiber and various antioxidants is necessary to achieve this goal. Important points such as maintaining a healthy weight and taking exercise seriously can also play an important role in strengthening sexual stamina. Citrulline

Citrulline is a plant nutrient that increases the amount of nitric acid in the body. According to the Longevity Medicine Review, the performance of citrulline is comparable to that of sexual enhancement drugs. Nitric acid helps in delivering oxygen to the blood, increases the speed of blood flow and thus improves sexual stamina. Watermelon is naturally high in citrulline.

Vitamin E

In this context, vitamin E can be considered as a kind of pleasurable vitamin, because it has a great ability to increase sex hormones, strengthen libido and improve mood. Vitamin E, as a strong antioxidant, also delays the formation of signs of aging and, as a result, can indirectly promote optimal sexual performance in older age. Almonds, peanuts and spinach are all good sources of vitamin E.

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